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Study on CRM Planning & Implementation in Company

Study on CRM Planning & Implementation in Company


These days, businesses compete with one another on a worldwide scale. In today’s world, it is impossible to prevent the free transfer of goods by using protection laws or other types of barriers because customers now have a greater variety of options available to them, they have become more sensitive and demanding, and they are always looking for new and improved products.Download mba project report on customer relationship management.

The elements that make up an organizational competitive advantage on such a market can be very different certifications, costs, delivery speeds, the amount of time required from the development of a new product or service to the delivery of it on the market, the implementation of the most recent technology, and CRM.

In saturated marketplaces, businesses are unable to make a free choice about the consumers with whom they would want to form a connection; the valued client in particular chooses the business partners himself.

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  1. Enhancing the overall satisfaction of one’s clientele is one of the primary goals of customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  2. If you successfully complete this target, you will almost certainly witness favorable effects across all aspects of your company.
  3. When you make increasing the level of customer satisfaction the primary aim for your customer relationship management system, all of the other goals function to support this overarching purpose.
  4. maintaining and managing connections with existing clients in order to extract the most possible value from those clients during the course of the company’s existence
  5. Your sales leads can be sorted, analyzed, and prioritized with the help of a CRM, allowing your sales team to concentrate on the opportunities that are most likely to close and providing accurate answers to customers in a quick and efficient manner.
  6. Additionally, your customer service team will have access to the information they require in order to upsell and cross-sell.


Keeping all of your customers’ information in one convenient location, monitoring client interactions, and maximizing sales efforts are all made possible by using a customer relations management, or CRM, system.

However, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are a huge cause of frustration for a great deal of companies. They don’t live up to the standards set for them or provide a satisfactory return on the investment. In many cases, the problem is a bad implementation.

According to, a client partner at who provides consulting services to firms on matters pertaining to sales and marketing, “a lot of businesses test CRM and discard it because it looks too hard or time-consuming to use.” Many salespeople have feelings of being overwhelmed by CRM because they do not get sufficient training and assistance.


Despite the large number of failures in CRM implementation that is demonstrated in the literature, the findings of the case study show that there were some successful experiences with the final CRM deployment. But we can’t ignore the challenges that were discussed in this article throughout all of the stages and were eventually overcome to a satisfactory degree.

Because there aren’t that many CRM empirical studies, especially within this specific industry’s business sector, we decided to undertake this case study instead. This article makes a minor contribution by identifying and analyzing some of the methodologies and ideas related to customer relationship management (CRM) and the execution of CRM projects.

The research was effective in accomplishing its fundamental objective, which was to both contribute to greater success in the firms when adopting the CRM and to warn the enterprises about potential difficulties that may develop.

It is essential that senior management provide unwavering support for any changes that are implemented, and the culture of the firm must involve a willingness to adapt to new circumstances. In addition, the research demonstrated the need for efficient leadership, the acquisition of resources, and the monitoring of the CRM strategy’s realization.

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