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Study of the Impact of Social Media Marketing on Electronic Goods

Effect of Social Media Marketing on Electronic Goods

This study looks at how customer gadgets have changed because of social media marketing, how its impact on the social media marketing through electronic goods. Because social media is so popular, companies use it to sell their goods and talk to customers. There are many kinds of these sites. Because of social networking, customer behavior and sales tactics have changed a lot in the electronic goods industry, which makes phones, computers, tablets, and other tools. In this MBA report, we examine the impact of social media marketing, views on return investment platforms, influence on online reviews and ratings.

The study looks at how social media marketing affects how customers buy, how well they know the brand, how engaged they are with the brand, and how well sales are doing in the tech business. This study will look at current literature and industry reports, do polls or conversations with industry experts, and look at how social media marketing affects electrical goods.

The study will also look at tailored ads, partnerships with influencers, popular campaigns, and activities that get customers involved. It will look at the reach, involvement, and conversion rates of different strategies, as well as how they affect the sales of tech products. This study will show which social media marketing tactics work best for promoting makers and sellers of electrical goods. It will help companies in the very competitive goods market save money on marketing, raise brand recognition, and get customers more involved.

Keyword: social media marketing. Electronic devices, customer behavior, brand awareness, customer involvement, Sales, purchasing, social media, return on investment and online reviews and ratings.


Social media platforms and their widespread usage have changed how firms interact with customers and market their products. Social media marketing for electronics has gained popularity in recent years. This study examines how social media marketing has affected the electronics industry and how it affects enterprises in this sector.

“Electronic goods” is a vast range of objects that today dominates our daily lives. Computers, TVs, phones, and appliances are examples. Technology has increased competition for client attention and purchases. In this context, social media platforms enable firms to engage with their target audience, build brand awareness, and influence purchasing decisions in a unique manner.

Social media marketing has had several repercussions on the electronics industry. First, analyze social media sites’ reach and engagement. Due to their billions of users, social media platforms provide organizations a large pool of potential customers and it is focusing on their return on investment. Second, examine how social media marketing has affected client buying patterns. Social media lets users share their opinions and experiences with electrical items. User-generated content may strongly influence buyer decisions. Social media platforms also provide direct communication between organizations and customers, enabling more personalized interactions and speedier customer care response times.

This study examined social media marketing’s impact on customer electronics. Businesses may learn how to utilize social media to reach their target audience, influence their buying behavior, and shape their brand image by assessing its effectiveness.


1. To find out if there is a link between marketing on social media and buying electronics.
2. Find out how well different social media sites can be used to sell electrical goods and report on what we find.
3. To figure out what effect marketing through social media has on how customers know and think about different brands of electronics.
4. To find out how much customers can be involved in the selling of electrical goods with the help of social media.
5. To find out how much marketing through social media affects customers’ decisions about what tech things to buy.


The way businesses talk to their customers has changed because of social media sites. In the tech business, social media marketing is used to connect with buyers and back up brands. Both technology and competition are growing quickly in this area. This literature review looks at how marketing on social media affects electrical gadgets. It shows the most important data and fills in gaps in the study.

Challenges and Opportunities:

Taking care of your online image and responding to feedback on social media. Using social media data to learn about a business and divide customers into groups. When social media marketing is combined with e-commerce sites, the customer experience is made better.

This study of the literature shows how customer gadgets have changed because of social media marketing. The study showed that social media has a lot of untapped potential to change customer behavior, company recognition, sales, and customer involvement. This also shows how hard it is for companies to run their websites and social media accounts. More study needs to be done to figure out the long-term effects of social media marketing on the electronics industry and to find new trends and tactics in this field that is always changing.


This kind of campaign aims to boost electrical product brand awareness via social media marketing. User engagement, return on investment, online reviews and ratings, targeted advertising, and content publication help companies increase brand recognition and audience reach. In this MBA report, we explore the impact of social media marketing on electronic goods which focuses on the return on investment and influence on their online reviews and ratings.

Social networking networks allow electronics retailers to contact directly with customers, increasing customer engagement. This contact may increase revenue, customer enjoyment, and brand loyalty.

Influencer marketing effectiveness:

Electronics companies might gain from working with people who have a lot of followers on social media. Influencers can increase product visibility, reviews, and sales by affecting the purchases of their fans. This can improve customer knowledge, tastes, and behavior, and social media platforms show what customers like and how they act. Electronic stores might learn more about their customers if they look at this info and change their marketing plan.


For smaller electronics companies, social media marketing may be cheaper than traditional advertising methods. It allows low-cost communication with a broad audience, potentially improving ROI.

Result of the effect on social media marketing on electronic goods

There are both pros and cons to social media marketing. Managing unpleasant comments, privacy issues, online image, platform systems and trends may be some of them. Integration of the marketing plan To have the most effect, a business that sells electrical things must include social media marketing in its marketing plan. It must be the same as other marketing outlets for the business to have a unified picture.

These results are just a guess, and they may not match any study. Look at research papers on social media marketing and the sale of electronics to get accurate results.


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