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Study of Customer Satisfaction Level Towards Landline Service of BSNL

Study of Customer Satisfaction Level Towards Landline Service of BSNL


“Customer satisfaction” is a way to measure how happy customers are with the services which are provided by BSNL landline service. It looks at the things, services, and skills that the company has to give. Information, like votes and reviews, about how happy customers are with a company’s goods and services can help figure out how those goods and services can be made better or changed for the better. This study is to determine if a company is successful in meeting and exceeding the expectations of its consumers in BSNL service providers of telecommunication.

The level of customer satisfaction is a statistic that may be used to quantify how well a product, service, or experience has been received by customers affected a client in some way. One of the terms used in marketing is “customer satisfaction.” It is a measurement of how well a company’s goods and services meet or exceed the expectations of the consumer in telecommunication.

To ensure consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty, a corporation must keep a product or service useful. India is the second-largest market in the world, and its telecom industry is growing rapidly.


BSNL service provider was the first and is now the most prominent of the telecommunication business. The perception of the customer is the principal objective of each and every commercial enterprise. As the fast transformation of the commercial landscape for the full. The client is both the beginning and the finish of the transaction operations.

This study examines BSNL mobile consumers’ patronage views. To win customers’ hearts, service providers must grasp how demographic aspects influence perception and pleasure. This research was conducted in Bhavani using a descriptive study technique based on questionnaires.

Random sampling is a way to find out knowledge and make choices. The information can be gathered from 91 people who filled out an organized questionnaire. To look at the groups of information, methods like percentage analysis, cross-tabulation, and chi-square analysis have been used. Based on the results of the study, the choice of cell service company showed how people thought about their own groups.

Keywords: Mobile service, customer satisfaction, and marketing.


The field of telecommunications takes the spotlight in the nation that is developing quickly. On its own, it would already make it an fascinating subject matter to look into. The fact that state-owned BSNL went from having almost a monopoly on the number one spot to losing that spot and falling to fifth place shows the importance of research.

The current status of BSNL landline service is losing a significant portion of the market share while also suffering financial losses. The company is making significant preparations to move away from its bureaucratic structure. Reshape and reposition the organization in terms of its structure and in order to operationally improve customer interactions and to capitalize on the most extensive subscriber base, its technological advantages, and infrastructure assets.


There are problems with the way BSNL landline service is run. The instant messaging services available on mobile devices are similar to those available through the internet. Similar to ICQ, Skype, and Windows Live Messenger, but done on mobile devices instead of computers. Users can use it to send text messages to one or more friends or contacts they choose.

Internet sites and big color screens are also built into mobile phones these days. Mobile phones can also send and receive messages over the Internet. This makes it possible for a person to effortlessly surf the World Wide Web and download material that is available online provided over the internet.

Mobile chat room: a number of mobile instant messaging (MIM) providers now days feature anonymous chat rooms. Text messages are exchanged in these online discussion forums. Chat room users should be able to share pictures, send and receive photos, and identify themselves.

Mobile content services, such as music, images, video clips, games, and more, are sold through text messages. For these text messages, you have to pay extra. This can be done by sending an SMS message with a term to a short code.

Mobile dating services allow people to speak, have crucial conversations, and fall in love. SMS, mobile chat rooms, and mobile internet linked them individually.


  • The goal of this research is to learn how customers feel about and what they think about BSNL’s offerings.
  • Check in on how happy your customers are with your service.
  • The goal is to learn how people feel about landline vs mobile phone service.
  • The goal of this study is to find out how happy people are with their cell and BSNL landline services.
  • There will be a close look at how BSNL users feel and what they have to say.


As a result of advances in science and technology, as well as in research and development, the globe has become more accessible in recent decades. The new technology alters the way people live so that the changing environment can accommodate their social requirements. The quicker mode of telecommunication that may react to sudden changes in the business environment.

Cellular service in India has brought contemporary connection to even the most remote locations. Since deregulation, many private operators have improved infrastructure, focusing on client demands. You’ve undoubtedly had issues with your cell provider’s coverage, service quality, new pricing plans, or value-added services. The purpose of this research is to learn how customers see BSNL.

The management of one’s image is the most important objective of any and all commercial enterprises. In this highly competitive corporate environment, every activity starts and ends with the requirements of the consumer. At this time, the telecommunications sector is the most relevant one, and it encompasses all actions conducted by businesses. There are a lot of private companies in this business, which has led to strong competition between the service providers.


The majority of respondents are satisfied with BSNL services providers. Most users are unaware of the additional mobile phone plus capacity, and the service provider is considering how to improve awareness. Demographic characteristics like employment and monthly income have the biggest impact on overall satisfaction. So, any changes to service or price should be thought about so that clients are happy.


The study found that respondents are vulnerable regarding their schemes and plants, therefore service providers try to provide clients more weight to sign up for the programs. This study looks at both the user’s typical behavior and how social factors affect the user’s ability to make a mark in revolution.

BSNL provides sufficient services, according to respondents. To improve their service activities and better please their clients, BSNL should place more of an emphasis on promotional methods that are on par with those taken by commercial service providers.

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