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Study of Branding Strategy of Company – MBA Marketing

Study of Branding Strategy of Company – MBA Marketing


A brand strategy is a long-term plan that outlines the steps that will be taken to build a successful brand in order to accomplish a set of objectives. A brand strategy that is well defined and effectively implemented has an effect on all areas of a company and is closely tied to the requirements, emotions, and competitive surroundings of its target market. The overarching plan that determines how a company interacts with its clientele is known as the brand strategy (and potential customers). A brand strategy takes into account several aspects of a company, including its “voice,” “storytelling,” “brand identity,” and “brand values,” as well as its “overall feel. For your final semester assignment, download the best Reports on the Study of Branding Strategy of Company MBA. Requests for your MBA project work are welcome. Find free MBA project topics, proposals, synopses, and ideas here. Download Branding strategies pdf – MBA Marketing project Work in accordance with academic requirements.

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  1. Assist in the coordination of the numerous personnel, departments, and supervisors.
  2. Clearly articulate a mission statement for a brand.
  3. Enhance their standing among their peers in the business.
  4. Provide members of the team with specific performance objectives
  5. Increase the engagement of the audience, the number of brand evangelists, or the market shares.
  6. Increase revenue and strengthen relationships with existing customers.
  7. Encourage staff to engage in self-reflection in order to develop or modify future branding goals.


Branding, a fundamental aspect of marketing, is absolutely necessary to achieve success in a variety of marketplaces. Because of this, companies invest a significant amount of time and attention into building effective brand strategies. There is some information available on how to formulate a brand strategy; however, there is very little information available on how brand strategies may be properly applied. In contrast to the existing body of research, which emphasizes the significance of strategy execution for the performance results of (brand) strategies, this stance takes a different approach. This ignores the many businesses whose brand strategies are unsuccessful as a result of inadequate execution. In light of the above, the purpose of this study is to conduct a literature review on the execution of brand strategy, as well as to provide a theoretical framework and some recommendations for further research.


Developing a customer base that has faith in an organization’s offerings is the goal of branding. Because of globalization and advances in communication technology, it is now feasible to reach a larger target audience. As a consequence of this, businesses are putting a significant amount of money into advertising efforts that have the potential to increase the value of their brand. Businesses such as Nike, Inc. are aware of the influence that the value of their brand has on their sales and profitability. They are also aware of the significance of stakeholders having faith in a company’s brand. Therefore, they spare no effort in order to acquire the athletes who would assist project the image that they want to create.

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