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Research Papers on Recruitment and Work Practices

Research Papers on Recruitment and Work Practices


The staffing function of management consists of activities such as recruitment and work practices. The use of techniques utilized helps guarantee that the proper person is chosen for the position. The data identified of managers and other workers is something that has to be given the correct attention in order to create a team of employees that are productive, talented, and loyal to the company.Get retirement and work practice project work pdf.

The traditional method of selecting managers in a random manner is now considered to be an outmoded practice and is being replaced by a rational and systematic approach. This new method involves deciding who should be hired in accordance with the employment rule of the organization in order to serve the short-term and long-term interests of both the individual employee and the organization.

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  1. Planning for skilled, semi-skilled & Professional demand.
  2. Determine the company’s genuine demand for the position.
  3. Replace older workers with younger ones who have fresh ideas.
  4. Create an environment at the organization that makes talented individuals want to work there.
  5. Look for potential candidates for available positions.
  6. Qualities of the mind being evaluated


To put it another way, the processes of recruiting and work practices run concurrently and cannot exist independently of one another. They are fundamental components of the organization and may be distinguished from one another in significant ways. It is helpful in determining the potential and skills of candidates for projected or current openings in organizational positions. It acts as a connection between individuals who have employment and those who are looking for work.

An in-depth investigation of the position, the current climate of the labor market, and circumstances, as well as interviews and psychometric tests, are necessary components of effective recruiting practices. This allows employers to get insight into the capabilities of candidates for open positions. In addition, small and medium-sized businesses conduct interviews and assessments with the primary concern relating to job analysis, emotional intelligence in inexperienced job applicants, and corporate social responsibility. Interviews and assessments are conducted by these businesses.


The conclusion  of recruitment consist of marketing open positions, conducting interviews, selecting candidates, offering jobs, and inducting new employees. That is to say, it addresses each and every phase, beginning with the determination of an opening and continuing until it is filled. Based on the size of the firm, a broad range of employees could be responsible for recruitment depending on their specific roles within the company.

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