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Performance Analysis of Selected Telecommunication Company


Telecom analytics include advanced business intelligence (BI) tools that are put together to meet the complex needs of telecom companies. Some of these goals are to increase sales, decrease churn and fraud, improve risk management, and cut business costs. Performance Analysis of Communication technology with Network infrastructure.

Indian telecoms boosted the economy. Performance evaluation automated many crucial economic operations. 1.18 billion Indian customers lead of Performance tracking. Mobile client rule. Telecoms have grown rapidly, demanding faster data and network access. This boost aids Performance Analysis and Performance measurement of Selected Telecommunication Company.

Satisfied customers succeed. Surveying mobile network subscribers.

Investigative questionnaires were filled. The demographics of the respondent families were looked at to see if there were any big differences. EFA found a lot of pieces.

It was looked into how happy customers were with their cell network service. To see if there was a mathematical difference between the homes, 100 correct answers were given.

We used IPA and EFA to find out why people bought SIM cards. see if people are happy.

Keywords:  Telecommunication, Customer satisfaction, Importance Performance Analysis and Performance measurement.


Low traffic, new programs, cheaper handsets, and other factors are driving the Indian mobile network provider industry. India’s mobile network provider market, the world’s second largest, is highly competitive. In a competitive market, client satisfaction is crucial. download Selected Telecom Company Performance Analysis. top Selected Telecom Performance Analysis.

The provision of telecommunication services can be broken down into two primary groups: mobile communication services, and fixed line communication services.

A mobile service provider is a company that sends transmission services to users of wireless devices (like smartphones and tablet PCs) using radio frequency (RF) data instead of end-to-end wire connections. ppt Analysis of the Performance of Selected Telecommunication.

This study looked at customer satisfaction statistics from the telecommunications industry. This study was found by searching for things like “telecom services,” “telecommunication,” “mobile network,” “mobile services in India,” etc. Data for this came from Emerald full text, Science direct, JSTOR, SSRN, and Google Scholars. This study looked at fifty works from 2017 to 2022.

An important answer to each of these three fundamental concerns was provided by the review of the relevant literature:

  • The research gap in relation to the study carried out in the telecommunication study.
  • The data source and methods utilized in those studies.
  • And the various tools and techniques utilized in those studies to evaluate the data of Performance tracking with Network infrastructure.


  1. In order to assess whether or not there is a difference that can be considered statistically significant amongst Network infrastructure consumers based on the location of their homes.
  2. To analyze the liquidity and solvency of several Indian telecom companies.
  3. To ascertain the current levels of profitability enjoyed by a number of India’s leading telecommunications businesses with Communication technology.
  4. To examine India top telecom company financial performance. download Selected Telecom Company Performance Analysis and Communication technology.


Most of the time, the word “customer satisfaction” refers to how someone feels about their level of satisfaction and how they judge it.

When customers are happy, a company might experience a variety of positive effects. Along with providing other advantages, increased customer loyalty and a decrease in the number of customers who defect both contribute to cost savings using Communication technology.

helps the company’s bottom line by growing sales while simultaneously reducing expenses, enhancing brand awareness, and increasing the number of referrals received through word of mouth. When customers have favorable encounters with a brand, they are more likely to be satisfied with the product or service.

Maintaining satisfied customers is essential if you want your company to develop a long-term relationship with those customers. download Performance Analysis and Performance measurement and Performance evaluation and Performance tracking of Selected Telecommunication Company.

Mobile services improve client satisfaction, loyalty, and service quality.  According to their methodology, happy customers are loyal customers, and value perception, trust, and happiness are interconnected. Greater perceived value and trust will improve service quality and customer happiness of Performance tracking.

To keep customers, the telecommunications business and mobile network providers need to figure out where customers’ expectations differ from what they actually get.

Working capital management is crucial to a company’s profitability and liquidity. Every business runs on its fixed and current assets. Working capital affected Hindalco Industries Limited’s bottom line after they examined its numerous aspects. top Telecommunication Company Performance Evaluation and Performance evaluation.


The people who did the study for this report looked at how well Airtel, jio, and Vodafone did financially. Using a ratio analysis, the researcher looked into the financial success of a company. The results showed that there was more volatility in a subset of the last five years, from 2015–16 to 2017–22. Taking into account both the company’s gross and net income, it may be possible to see that Airtel is more profitable than Vodafone.

Both companies are getting better with their cash flow, but Airtel is a little bit ahead of Vodafone. Vodafone leads using Network infrastructure. Researchers used a company’s debt equity ratio and interest payment ratio to figure out if it was financially stable. Over five years, Airtel’s ratios always did better than Vodafone Idea’s. Telecom Performance Analysis and Performance measurement.

How does the telecommunications industry measure performance?

Customers may want their cell phone service provider to be nearby. A recent study found that when customers choose a service provider, they care most about technical factors using Network infrastructure. Customers care most about this. Plans for promotion are the least important thing. When making a buy, people pay a lot of attention to what their friends who use mobile services say.

Customers are more likely to buy something if someone they know tells them to buy it. Most customers don’t trust mobile service companies’ promotions. Given that people in Goa aren’t happy with their mobile service, this is partly true.

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