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Motivating Measuring Staff Productivity and Role of Incentives as Motivating Factor

Motivating Measuring Staff Productivity and Role of Incentives as Motivating Factor


Providing appropriate incentives may be the single most essential thing they can do to maintain staff interest. Incentives serve as a rallying point for staff and a visible token of appreciation for their efforts. Eighty-five percent of employees report being more driven to succeed when a reward is on the line. There is a clear association between employee motivation and productivity, which is one of the most immediate and obvious ways in which motivation influences production. Motivated workers provide better results. Download report on role of incentives as motivating factors for employees ppt.

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  1. The morale of employees is measured by how committed they are to the aims of the firm, how interested they are in the career progression options available to them, how happy they are in their current position, and how likely they are to remain with the organization.
  2. The findings of this research led the authors to the conclusion that individual incentives, as opposed to team incentives, are more effective in reducing instances of social loafing.
  3. When incentives are offered, workers are more engaged to their employment and put in 27% more mental effort than they would without the incentives.
  4. Employees who participate in incentive programs report higher levels of job satisfaction and a better ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Incentive programs may minimize employee turnover among excellent performers or productive workers in addition to inspiring employees to enhance their level of production. In addition, incentive programs are cost efficient since they often result in cost savings as a direct consequence of productivity increases. This may be accomplished by providing him with more responsibility, giving him a significant designation, and making the nature and scope of the task more demanding.

Effective workers have a better chance of landing tough employment, where they can demonstrate their value to employers. This helps in the biggest possible way to motivate the personnel who do their jobs effectively.


Every individual tries to meet his or her own wants and needs, which is why they have their own unique wants and needs in the first place. It is not enough for an employee to be pleased materially; non-material features are just as crucial as material ones, and an employee needs both types of needs met in order to feel fulfilled. When we talk about material things, we’re referring to things like his pay, bonuses, allowances, job security, and other amenities.

The motivation of an employee is significantly influenced by non-material factors such as paid time off, a high-quality working environment, mutual respect among coworkers and upper management, and so on.

Employees play a very essential role in the day-to-day operations of any firm, but this is particularly true in markets that are highly competitive and have an environment that is constantly changing, as backed by the vast majority of environmental theorists. Since the destiny of a business is often dictated by the actions of its workers, it seems reasonable to get an understanding of the factors that might inspire people.

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