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Mobile Payment Adoption in India: Factors Vary Among Gen Y and Z

What are the things that affect how mobile payments are made

Performance expectations, social considerations, fortuitous situations, perceived contentment, and trust impact online mobile payments. Effort Expectations don’t matter. Internet usage permits cashless mobile payments. Studying Generations Y and Z’s mobile payment incentives. Mobile payment adoption in India: Factors vary among Gen Y and Gen Z. Drivers impacting Customer adoption of Mobile Payments: Empirical Examination and Comparative Analysis Between Generation Y and Z in India. mba reports on Influencing factors on customer adoption of mobile payments: Generation Y and Z in India.

In this study, Gen Y and Gen Z mobile banking movers in India are looked at. India’s study of Gen-Y and Gen-Z. 120 mobile bankers from India’s Gen Y and Gen Z looked at the structure. Surveys showed association, colinearity, and multiple linear regression. Customers use self-efficacy, value, and suitability to make their decisions. Mobile banking was changed by Gen Z.

Keywords: Mobile Payments, Banking, Factors, Adoption, Generation Y, Generation Z, India, and India.


Smartphones transmit money. Mobile payments pay relatives. Banks provide families money quickly. Phone-compatible barcode scanning software facilitates in-store purchases. Startups and companies use it wisely. Text payments started. Smartphones check email. Mobile check deposit terminated. Smartphones and online shopping boost global mobile payments. Wireless, tech-savvy, nationalist culture raises them.

“Gen Z” is everyone under 26 born after 1996. Born online. Generation Z always utilized the internet, e-books, and music. Approval counts.

perceived costs

Mobile banking budget is “perceived cost” [10]. Mobile banking requires expensive devices and internet. FDI, is a foreign company or person investing in a foreign business. The overall investment in such a firm is termed “FDI.” India’s fast-growing economy attracts investment. FDI 10th. 1991’s New Economic Policy relaxed international investment rules. The government extended investment regions, confined sectors, and simplified FDI regulation.

perceived usability

“Perceived ease of use” is “how easy a system seems to use.”

Risk awareness

“Perceived risks” are “the user’s subjective anticipation of suffering a loss in pursuit of a desired goal.” Protects phone and payment.


Innovations match past efforts, attitudes, and experiences. Compatibility impacts usage.


  • Integration with preexisting processes is quick and simple.
  • The adaptability with which unanticipated demands may be fulfilled.
  • Reducing and managing risks in the financial system.
  • The efficiency of the system that processes financial transactions is being enhanced.


Researchers think that people from Generations Y and Z use mobile payments in different ways. BI predicts what consumers will do. A lot of research has been done on how people use technology. Generation Z’s performance standards, social worries, good luck, happiness, and trust all affect how they use mobile payments. Advertising to the Z-generation might be helped by mobile payments. Mobile payments simplify. Online payments are mobile. Mobile payments are quick, safe, and easy to take with you.

Payment technology enables Generation Z purchase without a PIN. “Tap and go.” Bank and shop online. Internet and mobile wallets convert cash. Modern banks provide these.Gen Z prefers home transfers to bank visits. This study explores Indian Gen Y and Gen Z consumer acceptability. Drivers Impacting Customer Adoption of Mobile Payments: Comparative Analysis of Generation Y and Z in India.

Consumers adore mobile gadgets. Personalization, input, and use improve mobile technology. Mobile payments grow. MPS writing/research increased. MPSs accept phone payments. E-commerce and virtual POS companies cannot save financial data. This law safeguards MPS data. Trust improves mobile tech adoption.


Money discussion. Shipping influences customer evaluations in this study. Pay in person.
Memories matter. Competition affects mood. Mobile payment. Safer mobile payments. Safer mobile payments. Biometric mobile payments use high-tech money. Mobile payments allow underprivileged Indians purchase online. Mobile payment adoption in India: Factors vary among Gen Y and Gen Z.

Compatibility, value, and self-efficacy drive Gen Y product acceptance. Mobile banking benefits people. They excel. Alignment, self-efficacy, social impact, and value influence Generation Z service choices. Independent, influential, service-oriented Gen Z. Millennials want friends. Y and Z clientele appreciate self-worth. Z-phone bank. Mobile payments appeal. Society influences Generation Z. Social media, ads, trends, and friends effect Generation Z.

Influential Factors That Affect How Customers Use Mobile Payments: An Empirical Study of Generations Y and Z in India

Indian youngsters choose non-banking. Gen Y/Z may appreciate mobile banking. Studying Indian Gen Y and Z mobile bank preferences. India leads research. Gen Y/Z study Indian mobile bankers employed descriptive, association, collinearity, and multiple linear regression. All ages prefer suitable, helpful, and easy-to-use services. Adoption transformed society. Factors Influencing Customer adoption of Mobile Payments: Empirical Examination Between Generation Y and Z in India. mba reports on Influencing factors on customer adoption of mobile payments: Generation Y and Z in India.

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