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Money and Banking

Money and Banking


Banks are well-organized entities that provide borrowers with loans and take deposits from customers who want to borrow money. On the other hand, money is the vehicle of trade that enables one person to purchase goods from another, hence money is essential to the process of bartering. Money may be defined as any commodity that is universally acknowledged and accepted for use as a means of trade. Download MBA project on money and banking pdf.

It is generally acknowledged as a method for the acquisition of goods and services as well as the settlement of debts. It makes it possible for individuals to get whatever that they need in order to make a living.

People in earlier times relied on the system of bartering to get the commodities they needed. In this scenario, two people or parties would trade the commodities and services that satisfy the requirements of the other. However, the previous system of trading did not offer the convenience of transferability that ultimately led to the development of money.

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  1. The banking system in India offers its citizens a measure of monetary stability by, among other things, making it possible for them to get loans at reasonable interest rates and benefiting from dependable money transfer services.
  2. It makes it easier for consumers to put money aside for savings and invest it in a variety of financial products, such as long-term bonds, government securities, and other options.
  3. The development of banking came before the introduction of coins.
  4. Having a bank account may be quite convenient.
  5. For instance, if you have a bank account, it will be simple for you to pay your bills either by sending a check or by using an online bill pay service.


Concentrates on doing a literature analysis of empirical studies that analyze customer’s propensity to take risks within the banking business. This section will discuss the studies that investigated the many forms of risk that are present in the banking business, with a particular focus on the effect that the presence of competition has on the amount of risk that banks are willing to take.


Both monetary policy and banking are essential components of every national economy. Without these two evaluations, we are unable to operate any kind of economy. Money: In today’s world, the primary medium for the exchange of goods and services is monetary currency. Traditional forms of cash include coins and paper notes, while current forms of currency include various forms of virtual currency such as cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

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