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MBA Project Report on Internal Customer Satisfaction

MBA Project Report on Internal Customer Satisfaction


Internal customer satisfaction refers to employees satisfaction with their workplaces, coworkers, and bosses. Since happy personnel are more inclined to help clients outside the company and achieve organizational goals, it’s crucial. How can internal customer service improve employee experience is important in the workplace.

The performance of a company depends on the satisfaction of its internal customers, which affects the service it gives to its external customers. Staff who are cared for and happy give better customer service, which makes customers stay loyal and come back. Good employees are more efficient, which means that the company makes more money.

One way to improve the satisfaction of internal customers is to encourage open communication, cooperation, and input from staff. Staff satisfaction can be raised by recognizing and growing them. Making sure employees have the resources and tools they need to do their jobs well improves job satisfaction and the performance of the company as a whole.

Keywords: satisfaction of the internal customer, workplace, employees.


In today’s economy, consumer value is the fundamental difference between competing products and services, providing all other elements are the same. Customers are directly affected by how well businesses meet their goals.

Customers will be happy if you know what they need and meet or exceed those needs. This is done while making good use of resources. Even though most businesses have goals to improve quality and customer service, they often forget about how happy their own customers are.

To reach this goal, it is important to stress that full customer satisfaction can only be reached if all the people who work on satisfying customers from the outside can work together and help each other reach the same goal. Dissatisfied customers on the inside hurt relationships with customers on the outside.

So, a customer-oriented approach is suggested to keep the internal customer happy and motivated. This will help them focus their attention and energy on meeting the needs of their customers, which will increase customer satisfaction.


  • The most fundamental goal of customer satisfaction surveys is to generate valid and consistent customer feedback (also known as “to receive the voice of the customer”).
  • This feedback can then be used to initiate strategies that will retain customers and, as a result, protect one of the most valuable corporate assets — loyal customers.
  • An Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey measures internal customers’ or staff’s satisfaction with a division or team’s services.


This study found that the happiness of internal customers is very important to the satisfaction of external customers. The authors think that a company can better serve its outside customers if it can take care of its own people.

Internal customer happiness must come first if you want to improve how happy your outside customers are. The study says that communication, responsiveness, and reliability are important parts of internal customer happiness.

That staff empowerment improves internal customer satisfaction. Empowered employees are more inclined to own their job and be proactive in problem-solving, according to the authors. Empowered workers are also happier at work. The study found that effective communication and training energize personnel and satisfy internal customers.


Finally, a company’s success depends on internal customer satisfaction. A culture that values teamwork and collaboration, effective communication, a positive work environment, and employee resources and support can increase internal customer satisfaction. If a corporation prioritizes internal customer satisfaction, it can boost outward customer service and income.

An organization’s success rests on how happy its internal customers are. Organizations can improve internal customer satisfaction and employee engagement by putting an emphasis on employee health and well-being, investing in training and development, and allowing open communication and feedback.

In the end, businesses that put internal customer satisfaction at the top of their list of priorities are more likely to hire and keep top talent, increase productivity and profits, and do well over time.

How can internal customer service improve employee experience?

At a time when employee dissatisfaction is rising, internal customer service can assist,  some suggestions. Employee service is customer service. Be available, answer inquiries, handle difficulties, and monitor comments. In a period of rising job dissatisfaction, a method for managing internal questions can boost employee satisfaction.

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