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Job Satisfaction in NGOs in Bihar State

What are the non government organisations in Bihar

This study examines work satisfaction in NGOs in Bihar, India. An employee’s job satisfaction affects their well-being, the company’s success, and their job performance. The MBA project report on the impact of challenges and factors of job satisfaction in non government organisations or NGOs in Bihar. This research examines how NGOs’ job happiness affects staff engagement and organizational performance.

This study uses queries and personal interviews to get information from a small number of Bihar NGO workers who are representative of the whole group. The poll looks at work-life balance, job stability, pay, career advancement, and the culture of the company. Through in-depth conversations, employees can share their personal experiences and feelings about their jobs.

The results of this study add to what is known by shedding light on the specific factors that play a role in choosing work happiness in the Bihar NGO sector. It is hoped that the poll will show how happy workers are with their jobs and point out areas that need improvement to improve employee happiness and the organization’s general success.

The results of the study should help Bihar’s non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and lawmakers by showing them how to make people happier and more involved at work. Employees who are happy are more likely to be driven, committed, and productive, which improves the organization’s success and social impact.

keywords:Job satisfaction, NGOs, Bihar State, Employee perspective, Work environment, Motivating factors, Challenges.


In a lot of places, the NGO industry helps deal with social and economic problems. Bihar’s NGOs work on education, health care, reducing poverty, and giving women more power. How happy their workers are makes a difference in how well these businesses do. Many things affect employee happiness, drive, and the success of a business, which are all parts of job satisfaction.

To increase staff engagement and social effect, Bihar NGOs must understand job satisfaction. Happy employees are more dedicated, productive, and organizationally responsible, according to research. However,  job satisfaction factors in NGOs research, particularly in Bihar, is scarce.

This study looks into how happy NGOs in Bihar are with their jobs. Satisfaction with your job may show you where you can make changes. Work-life balance, job security, pay, career growth, and the company’s atmosphere are all talked about. NGOs and leaders can improve job happiness, employee well-being, and the success of their organizations by listening to and learning from their employees.

This study looks at how happy NGOs in Bihar are with their jobs. The researchers know that making people happy at work is good for their health and for the organization’s productivity. We can make the NGO sector a better place to work by looking into what makes people happy at work. This will help groups in Bihar do well.


  • The purpose of this study is to determine the degree of job satisfaction experienced by workers working for NGOs in the state of Bihar.
  • To determine the primary contributors to work satisfaction in the non-governmental organization sector.
  • The purpose of this study is to investigate the link between employee engagement and work satisfaction in non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
  • To have a better understanding of how employee motivation and commitment are affected by work satisfaction.
  • The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact that a variety of variables, such as work-life balance, job security, salary, possibilities for professional advancement, and organizational culture have in determining job satisfaction.
  • Conducting qualitative interviews, get insights into the personal experiences and perspectives of job satisfaction held by people working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Bihar.
  • To provide suggestions and offer solutions in order to improve levels of work satisfaction in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) functioning in the state of Bihar.

Literature Survey

Nonprofit organizations need happy personnel to achieve their objectives and fulfill their societal purpose, according to study. Work satisfaction is strongly linked to employee motivation, devotion, and performance.

Research in many places has shown that a few key things affect how happy NGOs are at work. Some of these are work-life balance, job security, pay and perks, professional growth, company culture, and the actual work. Many studies show that giving NGOs’ workers a helpful environment, fair and competitive pay, and opportunities to move up in their jobs is the key to making them happy at work.

Work happiness in NGOs in Bihar hasn’t been looked into much. But study on similar cases has shown what parts are important. In India, employee happiness can be affected by rules, not being recognized, not having enough resources, and company politics. Based on these results, it seems that Bihar NGOs need focused measures to make people happier at work.

Qualitative study using focus groups as well as interviews has shown NGO employees’ subjective experiences. These studies have shown that intrinsic factors including meaningful work, social impact, and personal values affect and challenges on job satisfaction in non-governmental organizations.

Despite the present literature on job satisfaction in NGOs, Bihar-specific research is scarce. Thus, this study examines NGOs’ Bihar workers’ job satisfaction to add to the body of knowledge. This study will consider socio-cultural and organizational factors that affect employee satisfaction in this sector.


The study on job satisfaction in Bihar non government organisations(NGOs) has significant consequences for the NGOs and the development environment. This research examined the job satisfaction of Bihar-based non-governmental organization (NGOs) employees and identified the main factors that affect it.

The analysis revealed Bihar’s NGOs’ particular challenges and opportunities in improving employee job satisfaction. Work-life balance, job stability, pay, perks, professional progress, and business culture all affect employee satisfaction.

If NGOs in Bihar knew about these things and how they affect people’s happiness at work, they might be able to comes up with better ideas and projects. A good business culture, chances for growth and career advancement, a helpful place of employment, fair pay, and changes for advancement and growth can all lead to more job happiness.

It is possible for NGOs in the state of Bihar to cultivate a happy working environment, retain skilled people, and eventually have a stronger impact in tackling social concerns in the state if they place a higher emphasis on job satisfaction and apply the measures that are proposed.

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