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Intelligent Organizations, IT and New Forms of Organizations

Intelligent Organizations, IT and New Forms of Organizations


In order to qualify as new organizational forms, an organization must have one or more shared characteristics  or be seen by others to have the same social norms. According to recent arguments made by some academics, audience perceptions of an organization’s social standards should be used to evaluate whether or not a person is eligible to join that group.

Because new organizational forms lack existing schemas, scripts to guide activities, and legitimacy from external stakeholders, organizations that belong to them confront unique obstacles. Hybrid organizations and network modes of organizing are two recent examples of innovative organizational types.


  1. Organizational intelligence aids businesses in comprehending the connections that power their operations.
  2. by recognizing communities, employee workflow, and teamwork patterns across divisions, internal organizations, and external organizations.
  3. Utilizing organizational resources to increase overall productivity and efficiency is known as organizational development.
  4. Moreover, it is used to resolve issues inside a company.


Organizations are intellectual societies. Decisions and actions do not just result from a single, organized activity; rather, they are the result of an ecosystem of information processes. A variety of people and viewpoints work together and challenge one another.

We now know how dynamic and open companies are. But for a very long time, we had a fixed perspective: Organizations were just locations we went to work every day.

They could be relied upon to provide the products and services we need, and some of them were in charge of upholding the principles and institutions that support our society. They were consoling in their very stillness and constancy.


Organizations see themselves as virtual castles with walls and limits delineating their spheres of influence and activity. Although this was not their main preoccupation, they sometimes opened the gates to convey or receive products. Early scholars of organizations adopted the oversimplifying premise that they were closed systems, and the most successful organization was one that could shield its operations from the external factors and focus on enhancing its internal structure and functionality.

In the short term, the external environment was assumed for the majority of purposes markets changed slowly and occasionally could be tricked technologies advanced gradually and could be adopted interactions with other organizations were straightforward and cautious and economic conditions fluctuated in predictable cycles. Overall, the majority of organizations, particularly the bigger ones, had the impression that they were in charge of their own fates.

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