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Impact of Social Media Advertising on Brand Awareness

Effect of Social Media Advertising on Brand Recognition

The term “social media” refers to a type of online media in which users are able to readily engage, share, and create any type of content, including adverts, banners, posters, and videos. A great number of businesses today make extensive use of social media platforms as a marketing technique to raise client awareness of their brands and products. It defines¬†effect of Social Media Advertising on Brand Recognition

Social media lets people interact and share opinions. Social media’s photo and video extensions are terrific ways to kill time like watching TV, thus they’re important in marketing. Many companies now use social media to interact with customers and promote their products. This study examined how social media users’ brand awareness affects their purchasing intentions. According to the findings, business creative content, online pre- and post-sale support, user response, brand attitude, and brand offerings may encourage customers to connect with brands on social media and raise brand awareness. It also shows that brand awareness may affect customers’ purchase intentions.

Social Media Marketing Effects on Brand Awareness:

Businesses are rapidly adopting social media as a communication tool. More companies are using it because it lets clients talk directly to the business and is better than other ways to talk.
Social media usage has enhanced the impact of newer communication technologies on brand visibility. Facebook, one of the most popular social media sites in study, is analysed to see how it influences firm brand awareness.
Social networking can boost brand recognition and client awareness.

Keywords: Social media, brand awareness, brand building, customer engagement with brands, online marketing, marketing communication, and online marketing communication.


The modern world is driven by innovation, and social media platforms let businesses contact a wide range of customers and show what they are doing to get more customers. In this world, retailers can now reach out to more people. “Social media” brings buyers and sellers of things together. Social media has given businesses new ways to connect with their users. But businesses need to figure out how to use social media in their marketing plans in a reliable way.Report, pdf, ppt download on Impact of Social Media Advertising.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tinder, YouTube, Snapchat, and the list goes on are some of the most well-known online social networking sites. The list continues.

Each platform’s apps draw customers. Facebook’s attraction is the ability to friend and follow people they know or find interesting to follow their life events. Twitter events. Instagram posts may include post-caption photographs and videos.

Snapchat lets users share photos and videos that may be seen and deleted. Each platform has its own interface, but they all offer users a public online space to communicate and engage. Numerous researchers have studied the importance of social media in various industries, focusing on how businesses use user-generated content on social media to improve product quality and customer loyalty through marketing technique.

Marketing technique with social media affect brand awareness among users. The process begins with brand familiarity, which affects customer awareness and satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Helps customers remember what they already buy and draws their attention to a new product or service at the same time.
  • Raise the profile of your company or product among the members of the audiences you’re targeting.
  • Increasing a brand’s visibility cuts the length of time it takes to close a deal, boosts the company’s market share, and places it in a position of leadership within its industry.


Literature review

Businesses are now using social media to raise brand awareness and promote their products. This happened recently. Businesses use social media content marketing to improve brand health.

People said that social media marketing shouldn’t be seen as an alternative for traditional marketing strategies. Instead, it should be added to marketing plans gradually over time.

Effect of Social Media Advertising:

Marketing tactics will boost company results. Customers’ brand perceptions are influenced by online word-of-mouth. Many academics study how social media affects what consumers buy, how much they buy, and how much they predict they will sell. Social media marketing will revolutionize how the company presents itself.

Social media’s low-cost, instant, and interactive connection between companies and customers makes it important. Online forums, blogs, and social media networks have greatly changed people’s lives today.

They found that social media makes it faster and cheaper for brand managers to set up brand groups and marketing technique with social media client awareness. This looked into company communities on social networks.


Surveys show that advertising on social media brings in more customers than advertising on mass media.

According to the report, social media helps users learn about their brands. Knowing a brand affects a user’s purchase. Companies have various ways to sell. These include brand page administrator help before and after a purchase, fresh company content, buying choices, brand offers, user response, and brand attitude. Social media advertising impacts Brand Recognition.

Effect of Social Media Advertising on Brand Recognition, client awareness as a marketing technique.

Several social media sites are used to spread promotions. Users are interested in ads, which means that social media sites can bring in customers. If a business is thinking about releasing a new product, it might want to promote it on social media because it could help more people know about it.

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