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How Can One Manage Different Types of People in a Single Team?

How Can One Manage Different Types of People in a Single Team?


The first step in developing an understanding of how to handle the many personality types that are present in the workplace is to determine the personality types of your employees. It will be lot simpler for you to manage your staff if you take the time to determine if they are thinkers or feelers. Feelers make their judgments primarily on connections and place a higher weight on what is deemed to be “good” rather than what is objectively best for the team. Download project on types of people in a single team for mba students.

Thinkers, on the other hand, are more likely to base their conclusions simply on reasoning. You can tell which person belongs to which category simply by seeing how they respond the next time someone argues with them; this will give you the information you need.

After determining the different sorts of personalities, you will be able to tailor your management style to the working styles of the employees. When interacting with feelers, show more sensitivity, and when dealing with thinkers, concentrate more on your talking points.


  1. Determine the sort of personality that each employee has.
  2. Establish a rapport with the members of your team.
  3. Work together to accomplish your unique goals and objectives.
  4. Determine what it is that drives your staff members.
  5. Try not to let things bother you too much.


People have a low opinion of their employment and themselves when they produce work that is considered to be typical, and praise does not help them break out of this rut research study. “They are aware that their management sets a low standard, so in response, they do the same. They have a neutral opinion towards the finished output of the task “.

Instead, you should work together with your staff to determine the aims and objectives that they are capable of accomplishing. Because the majority of employees, particularly those who dislike being managed, truly feel the way they do because they are autonomous and creative. This is especially true of those workers who dislike being managed. Take use of the talents that are connected with the sorts of personalities they possess.


It is possible to utilize a team to pool the thoughts and experiences of its members in order to seek for a collective conclusion when the process of working in a team is carried out successfully. By bringing together a group of experienced people to collaborate, an organization of any kind may improve its problem-solving capabilities and become more productive.

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