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Hotel CRM & Banqueting and Devising a DBMS

Hotel CRM & Banqueting and Devising a DBMS


The customer relationship management system (CRM) maintains an organized database of each individual customer and their specific service request. It brings together all of the information on your customers, including their preferences, their contact information, and their purchase history. This ensures that the conversations you conduct are always specific to the situation at hand, pertinent, and based on the most current facts that are accessible.Download pdf on hotel crm & banqueting and devising a dbms project.

The definition of a banquet is a lavish meal served to many guests. Due to the scale of the event or the number of guests, modern banquet service entails more than just a sit-down meal; it also includes a wide range of ancillary services, entertainment, and hospitality.

A customer relationship management system for hotels might do a great deal of other tasks in addition to increasing income and making marketing and providing better service to customers. It provides comprehensive solutions for the effective management of all facets of hotel operations, including property management and the individualization of each guest’s experience throughout their stay.


  1. Traditionally, the purpose of a banquet is to elevate the host’s status or strengthen the relationships amongst those who have contributed equally to the event.
  2. These might be anything from a modern-day charity event or celebration to a formal ceremony.
  3. They often include a series of speeches given in tribute to the event’s theme or special guest.
  4. The most crucial part of planning an event is settling on a theme, since this will help you set the tone you’re going for.
  5. An event’s theme should inform the design of the hall’s lighting.


Hotel banquet rooms are managed by banquet sales managers. On a resume for a Banquet Sales Manager, you’ll often see responsibilities like allocating funds, guaranteeing service quality, creating weekly plans, keeping records, meeting and greeting visitors, training employees, and stocking shelves with necessary items. It keeps track of the dates, timings, and descriptions of events held in a variety of venues. Basically, it’s a planner for setting aside certain times and places.


Banquets are often conducted to boost a host’s reputation or to strengthen social ties amongst co-contributors. These goals may be fulfilled today via events like ceremonies, celebrations, or philanthropic gatherings. They often include remarks in praise of the subject or special visitor. A dinner in his honor was given last night.

On the last night, indulge in a meal appropriate for a clan leader. The auctioneer sat at the head of a large banqueting table, which the gentlemen merchants were arranged around. In your mind’s eye, picture a big banquet table.

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