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History of

History of was an online shopping website based in India that sold a variety of items related to fashion and leisure. This abstract offers a condensed summary of the history of, beginning with the company’s founding and ending with its ultimate purchase.

Praveen Sinha, Arun Chandra Mohan, and Lakshmi Potluri established the e-commerce website in the year 2012 with a primary concentration on the fashion industry. The company’s goal was to satisfy the rising demand for fashionable goods that were also accessible to a wide price range in the Indian market.

At the beginning of its existence, was up against severe competition in the e-commerce industry. At the time, established firms like as Flipkart and Myntra dominated the market. However, by forming smart alliances, providing a wide range of products to choose from, and running aggressive marketing efforts, was able to secure a sizeable portion of the market and establish itself as a popular destination for shopping for fashion.

In 2013, was successful in attracting a big amount of capital from a wide variety of investors, one of which being Rocket Internet, a worldwide technological incubator, who made a sizeable investment. The money allowed the firm to extend its operations throughout a number of locations in India, which helped to accelerate the company’s development.

Over the course of its history, has maintained its primary emphasis on providing customers with access to a comprehensive selection of fashionable goods manufactured by both Indian and foreign companies. The site quickly acquired popularity among customers in India, especially among younger people in the country who were looking for fashionable solutions.

In 2016, was confronted with a number of important obstacles as a result of the fierce rivalry that existed in the e-commerce sector as well as concerns that arose from its operations. Because of this, the firm decided to investigate its strategic choices in order to safeguard its future. In the same year, Flipkart, one of the most significant online marketplaces in India, purchased in a transaction with an estimated value of roughly $70 million. This purchase was made with the intention of strengthening Flipkart’s position in the competitive market for online apparel retail.

Following the completion of the transaction, continues to function as its own distinct business unit inside the Flipkart group. However, in the year 2020, Flipkart made the announcement that it will incorporate into its primary platform, thereby terminating the brand as a distinct entity.

In summing up, was an influential e-commerce site in India that was mostly focused on the apparel industry. It became well-known because to the extensive variety of trendy goods it offered and the aggressive marketing campaigns it performed. In the end, the firm was acquired by the Flipkart group after struggling in the challenging environment of the competitive e-commerce market.

Keywords:, Indian fashion e-commerce, online marketplace, fashion products, Flipkart, acquisition, Rocket Internet, strategic partnerships, market share, trendy fashion, competition, operational issues, funding, integration, online retail sector.


In India, was a well-known e-commerce portal that specialized in the sale of items related to fashion and leisure. This introduction offers a concise summary of the history of, beginning with the company’s founding and ending with its ultimate sale.

In 2012, Praveen Sinha, Arun Chandra Mohan, and Lakshmi Potluri launched with the intention of entering the Indian e-commerce sector with the goal of providing consumers all across the nation with access to a comprehensive selection of trendy items. The founders of were aware of the rising desire for fashionable solutions that were also accessible to a wide range of budgets, and they established the company with the intention of meeting this demand.

In the early stages of its development, faced severe competition from other online retailers operating in the Indian e-commerce market. Players that already had a strong foothold in the industry, such as Flipkart and Myntra, were considered established players. On the other hand, was able to establish a sizable presence in the market, because to the strategic alliances it forged, the extensive variety of products it offered, and the laser-focused advertising it carried out. was able to collect large capital from a variety of investors, which it used to drive its expansion. Notably, Rocket Internet, which is a worldwide technological incubator, made a large investment in This gave the firm the ability to expedite its growth ambitions and improve its position in the market. has compiled a sizable assortment of items from a wide variety of companies, both local and international, with a particular focus on things related to fashion and lifestyle. The portal swiftly acquired popularity among customers in India, especially among younger consumers who were looking for the most up-to-date fashion trends and designs.

Nevertheless, had several difficulties throughout the year 2016. Its expansion and capacity to turn a profit were hampered by the intense competition, problems with operations, and shifting market dynamics. As a consequence of this, the firm investigated several strategic alternatives in order to safeguard its future and guarantee that it would continue to be successful in the very cutthroat e-commerce environment.

In the same year, went through a huge change when it was bought over by Flipkart, one of the most successful and well-known online retailers in India. Flipkart wanted to expand its position in the fashion retail area and reinforce its presence in the industry, thus it made the purchase, which had an estimated value of roughly $70 million.

Following the completion of the transaction, continues to function as its own distinct business unit inside the Flipkart group. However, in the year 2020, Flipkart made the decision to include into its primary platform. This allowed the company to capitalize on the capabilities and knowledge of while also improving the overall consumer experience.

In conclusion, had a huge influence on the landscape of Indian e-commerce, notably in the industry of fashion and leisure. The path it took from invention to purchase provided a window into the potential and difficulties presented by a highly competitive industry. Even though the company was later acquired by Flipkart, left an indelible mark on the competitive landscape of the Indian online retail sector.


  • To find out how got started and how it grew in the beginning, and to learn about the owners’ ideas and goals.
  • To look at how tough the Indian e-commerce market was when started up, and to figure out what obstacles and chances the company faced.
  • To find out what tactics used to set itself apart and get a big piece of the market in the fashion and leisure section.
  • To look at the money and investments that got, so that we can see how the money helped it grow and expand.


The evolution of as a leading participant in the e-commerce market in India, notably within the fashion and lifestyle subsegment, can be traced back to the company’s history. In a market that is very competitive, was able to effectively carve out a position for itself by forming strategic alliances, using aggressive marketing strategies, and offering a varied product variety.

The literature analysis underlines the substantial development and expansion of, which has been fuelled by financing and investments from investors like Rocket Internet. Because of the availability of these financial resources, the platform was able to develop its operations, build brand recognition, and attract a huge client base, especially among younger customers who were looking for alternatives in contemporary apparel.

Competition from more established businesses like Flipkart and Myntra presented difficulties for the e-commerce website, which was trying to compete in the same market. The website, on the other hand, differentiated itself from competitors by forming agreements with international labels and assembling curated collections of women’s clothing in an effort to win over customers. Its market positioning and success may be attributed, in part, to the efforts it has made to promote itself as a destination for fashion.

Challenges with operations, such as logistics and inventory management, were overcome by forming strategic alliances with third-party logistics providers and making investments in IT infrastructure. These steps were taken to eliminate any friction that may have been experienced by the client and to clear any obstacles that may have been present in the operation.

The event that marked a crucial turning point in Flipkart’s history was the purchase of by the company. Flipkart made this strategic move with the intention of bolstering its footprint in the apparel retail industry and further consolidating its position in the market. The incorporation of the brand into Flipkart’s operations, as well as the eventual demise of the brand as a distinct entity, demonstrated the dynamic nature of the e-commerce business.

In general, the history of demonstrates the significant influence that the company has had on the e-commerce business in India. The success of the platform had an effect on the dynamics of the industry, prompting other e-commerce businesses a fashion leisure categories. The path that undertook and the experiences and lessons it gained along the way have offered significant insights for company owners and entrepreneurs working in the e-commerce industry.


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