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Handicraft International Marketing – Indian Handicrafts

Handicraft International Marketing – Indian Handicrafts


One of the most significant aspects of the Indian economy, the handicraft industry is responsible for the employment of more than seven million people. Woodware, art metal wares, handprinted fabrics, embroidered goods, zari goods, imitation jewelry, sculptures, ceramics, glassware, attars, and agarbattis are only few of the products that are manufactured in this nation. Over 56% of India’s entire artisan workforce is comprised of women, making them the predominant gender in the country’s handicraft sector. There are a number of important clusters, some of which are Surat, Bareilly, Varanasi, Agra, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Chennai, and Mumbai. The majority of manufacturing operations are located in rural areas and smaller towns, and there is a massive untapped market potential in all of India’s major cities as well as internationally. Get Project on handicraft international marketing in india.

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  1. Creating works of handicraft and art gives one the opportunity to develop, create, and search for answers to issues.
  2. To make available and organize resources for the dissemination of information, the interchange of ideas, perspectives, and information on topics that are of importance to the handicrafts industry as a whole.
  3. Handicrafts Development Corporation, its member organizations, and the handicrafts sector as a whole will all benefit from the corporation’s efforts to promote, preserve, and develop their shared interests.
  4. In order to keep a reading room and/or a technical library in operation
  5. To work together with a variety of institutions and organizations in India and other countries to gather and share information relating to handicrafts.
  6. Handicrafts will profit from the competent technical management, marketing, and other consulting services that will be provided.


Since the beginning of time, India has been renowned worldwide for its vibrant cultural history. Paintings, embroideries, prints, sculptures, handicrafts, hand-looming, and other types of traditional art may be found in almost every country and area in the world.
The uniqueness of our nation is a direct result of its vast diversity. Handicrafts, handlooms, and other forms of traditional Indian expertise are sometimes overlooked in today’s society as a result of the rising popularity of western art. Some of the most time-honored textile practices in our nation, which has a long history in the textile industry, were on the verge of extinction. “There is a growing need for preserving and rescuing the skills and expertise associated with traditional crafts. Therefore, the moment has come to revitalize various types of art and raise awareness about them in the urban environment.


The infrastructure, policy environment, trade strategy, and government backing for the handicraft business are what set it apart from other industries. Additionally, the way the sector is characterized sets it apart. The Indian handicrafts are the products of a small and cottage sector, which is mainly disorganized, and the items are handcrafted, while the handicraft industries of other nations that compete with India are structured and focused toward large-scale manufacture. This may work out better or worse for India depending on how it’s handled. The gains come in the form of more job opportunities, while the negatives manifest themselves as lower manufacturing costs.

It is possible to draw the conclusion that handicraft items have a very bright future in the worldwide market; yet, they are also experiencing certain negative repercussions as a result of globalization. This is the case with Indian handcraft.

Despite the fact that exports of handicrafts are now seeing excellent development, we must not overlook the difficulties that craftsmen are currently experiencing. These difficulties will gradually bring the industry closer to the mode from where we will need to begin anew. Even though the government is taking a number of steps to ensure that things run smoothly, there is still a need for more to be done to provide the strategic direction and action plans necessary to advance systems. This will ensure that craft persons and their industry are able to flourish and thrive in this increasingly competitive era brought on by globalization.

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