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Finance Project on Market Research of Investor Attitude toward Primary Market

Finance Project on Market Research of Investor Attitude toward Primary Market


Putting money into the stock market is a good way to mobilize resources, which ultimately aids the economy’s growth. The acquisition of an IPO is the first step in a long process that will culminate in trading shares in the secondary market. Existing shares may be purchased and sold by investors in the stock market at the current market price. A company’s equity share represents a piece of the ownership pie. Price fluctuations in main instruments are determined by market forces including supply and demand.Download investors investment attitude in capital market.

In most cases, investors will either handle their investments directly via the purchase and sale of securities or through intermediaries such as brokers. Investment returns and appreciation of capital are the primary goals of most investors. When the selling price of a stock is higher than the buying price, this is known as capital appreciation.

Dividends are the form in which the returns will be distributed. The focus of this research is on the risk tolerance and propensity for investing choices made by primary market investors, broken down by demographic variables such age, income, education, and profession. This research examines the characteristics of investors and categorizes them as either conservative, moderate, or aggressive.


  1. Investors’ Opinions on Initial Investment
  2. The second objective is to examine the variables that affect primary investment.
  3. The purpose of this study is to investigate the beliefs and opinions of investors about stock market investing.
  4. To examine how educated investors’ knowledge affects their propensity to put money into the stock market.


He has made these corporate acquisitions as long-term investments for himself and his holding company. Due to the economic downturn, many firms are once again selling at attractive prices that make rapid expansion a realistic possibility. The author’s main focus is on imparting the knowledge of how to value firms so that we may make a realistic estimate of the potential return on investment given the present market price.

The reality  is one in which falling stock prices mean better investing opportunities. The answer to the question of whether or not the stock is a good investment lies on how we quantify its future potential.


Some investors are willing to take calculated risks in the hopes of higher profits, while others would rather play it safe. Factors like age, family size, income, and spending habits will all play a role in determining how much risk one is willing to take.

When people reach new developmental stages of their lives, they often adopt new perspectives on investing. They prioritize capital gains above current income and place a premium on growth-oriented investments while they are young.

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