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There are two categories of people currently on smartphones: those who own an iPhone, and those who possess other smartphones. Those who own an iPhone fall into the first category. Despite many other smartphone companies, Apple and Samsung smartphone brands dominates the smartphone sales rankings. In this paper, study of comparative analysis between apple & samsung has been done.

This is the case even though there are a lot of different smartphone brands available. As a result, how did the rivalry between Apple and Samsung become the standard in the smartphone industry? How are these two companies staying ahead of their competitors? Apple dominate smartphone communication devices and generates a lot of excitement.

Because it reveals something about the user’s personality and serves as a measurement of the user’s level of intelligence. To a certain extent, mobile devices such as smartphones have assumed the place of actual people. The question of whether students prefer Apple or Samsung cellphones will be investigated in this study. The results will be compared to one another and examined. The major objective of this research is to analyze the extent to which consumers prefer Apple or Samsung smartphones. Understanding the preferred apple and samsung smartphone brand can help you understand how it affects the student’s purchase choice and preferences.

Keywords: Apple, Brand, Smartphones, Samsung.


The main goal of this study of comparative analysis between apple & samsung is to make suggestions for the two companies. The paper starts with a brief history of both Apple and Samsung. Apple and Samsung are currently the two most successful smartphone manufacturers in the world. This paper zeroes down on these two businesses and analyses the marketing mix methods that each employ. Both Apple and Samsung smartphone brands which are quite successful in selling their products all over the world, and over the course of the past few years, they have had very significant growth, as well as some tiny drops. Apple is the market leader, and Samsung is a close second.


The business of the company is to create, make, and sell personal computers, as well as other mobile communication devices and tools for personal computers. Some of the products and services that the company offers are Macintosh computers, the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Xserve, a portfolio of consumer and professional software applications, peripherals, and iOS operating systems, digital content and apps from third parties through the iTunes Store, and a variety of accessory, service, and support options. It sells its goods all over the world through its retail shops, online stores, direct sales force, and third-party cellular network providers, wholesalers, dealers, and value-added resellers.


Home appliances such as televisions, monitors, printers, refrigerators, and washing machines are among the products that this company sells. Additionally, the corporation provides essential mobile telecommunications equipment such as smartphones and tablet personal computers. Samsung hopes to usher in a new era that will have a constructive effect on the lives of people all around the world.


  • The goal of this company strategy is a component of the process known as strategic management. It is common knowledge that various businesses will employ a variety of business tactics in their efforts to get an advantage over their rivals. Because it defines the primary motivation behind why large companies need to formulate effective business strategies, competition is a very important aspect of comprehending the significance of business strategies. This makes it one of the most important aspects of understanding the importance of business strategies.
  • Academics must clarify business strategy myths, even when corporate strategies differ. For instance, a firm will always follow its plan, regardless of its path of action.
  • The study of business strategies consequently gives one a comprehensive understanding of how all components of a company’s operations work together to achieve the ultimate corporate goals. Only via an accurate comprehension of a company’s business plan is it possible to plot out the path that an enterprise will take in the long run. Typically, a number of different factors are at play. For example, external pressures, internal shortcomings, and opportunities will always work to either raise or derail the development of a corporation.

Literature Review

As technology improves, rivals like Samsung are coming up with more and better ideas, which is both a chance and a threat for Apple. As technology improves, there are more and more ways to get into the high-tech business. It cuts down on how long goods can stay on the shelf. People use their smartphones for a wide range of things, from surfing the web to running a business. The pictures on these gadgets have gotten better over the past ten years, and they will keep getting better. As smartphones turn into personal computers, people use them to shop, surf the web, send and receive information, and pay. When getting a smartphone, the brand is important.

The study of comparative analysis between apple & samsung has been conducted. Samsung finished the year as the top handset market share holder and US phone marketer, according to Strategic Analytics. Culture links and defines an organization’s brand. The mobile phone maker has become the industry leader in one of the most competitive areas. New devices and groundbreaking technologies make the smartphone sector more competitive.


At the moment, a big part of the stock market all over the world is made up of cell phones. Everyone knows that Apple and Samsung are the most well-known companies in this industry. Apple also rules the market for smartphones. Through an inquiry, the brands that Apple and Samsung smartphone brand customers like best were compared. On the market today, there are so many mobile phone makers that it can be hard to choose.

The main reason for discussing this subject was because younger people nowadays concentrate more on technology. The student’s selection between Apple and Samsung cellphones is likely influenced by brand, use time, features, and firm loyalty. This is something that can be drawn from the available evidence.


The primary purpose of this research is to study of comparative analysis between Apple & Samsung brands which are more popular among consumers. According to the findings of the survey, respondents are equally loyal to Apple and Samsung products. It was generally known that the people who responded had no issues regarding either of the brands that they favored. The research found that Apple and Samsung customers are equally happy.

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