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Brand Personality and Its Important Role in the Purchase Decisions

Brand Character and Its Significance in the Purchase Decisions

          Over the course of many decades, the notion of “brand personality” has developed into one of the most significant aspects of marketing. Brand reputation, image, and personality play an essential and critical role in influencing purchase decisions, highlighting their relevance.

Researchers have discovered that it not only helps to identify companies but also fosters self-expression and association among users. Moreover, the personalities of the brands themselves heavily influence customers’ preferences about brands.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of brand personality and the uniqueness of a brand on what customers choose for a particular brand, with the expressing themselves value of a brand acting as an intermediary in this relationship. In addition, the idea of business image is looked at to see how much of a difference it makes.

This study shows that a brand’s personality affects its self-expressive value, which in turn affects consumers’ purchase intentions.

This study’s objective is to investigate the many facets of brand personality that have an impact on customer behaviour, with a specific concentration on the concept of “brand love.”

In marketing parlance, “branding” refers to the practice of differentiating one product from another in order to make it simpler for the customer to choose her preferred option.

Keywords: Brand personality, brand image, self-expressive value, uniqueness, structural equation modelling.


          It is quite difficult to attract the attention of consumers to a particular brand in today’s highly competitive market. Differentiating their brands from one another in order to attract the attention of consumers is one strategy that businesses use. It is challenging to develop a strategy that differentiates brands based on the physical properties of the product. Alternatively, the advantages of emotional expressiveness and self-expression may give success in differentiating.

“Brand personality” is crucial to branding. When they buy popular brands like Cartier (refined) and Rolex (successful), consumers may adopt the brand’s personality and incorporate it into their own. Brand reputation, image, and personality play an critical role in influencing purchase decisions.

Since the beginning of time, people have recognized the importance of studying brand personality.  Branding was around before people. Romans branded themselves. For thousands of years, people have promoted their products by attaching their names and pictures to businesses.

Apple’s logo has an apple, and Twitter’s a bird. Branding began during the Industrial Revolution. People now know that a product’s brand adds value. Thus, patenting innovations is commonplace. Register a trademark, copyright a photo, etc. This protects the brand against copying and competition.

On the other hand, a brand is a product when seen from the perspective of the customer. A brand is an equation that consists of a promise, expectations, and beliefs. The company logo, the design, and the actual physical product are all examples of tangible aspects.


  • The ability to identify a product by its own brand
  • The ability to assign responsibility to the manufacturer of the product
  • Getting rid of risks
  • The cost of looking for things is less than it used to be.
  • The promise of high-quality goods and great customer service


According to Author, the term “brand personality” refers to the human qualities that are linked with a particular brand. According to study, brand personality is a group of human personality traits that have to do with how people interact with each other and help describe the brand as a relationship partner. In other words, brand personality is the set of human personality traits that are relevant to describing the brand as a relationship partner.

Research has shown that there is still some confusion about what brand personality is and how it is different from brand image and customers’ image. The methodological part of the idea is related to how brand personality is measured. People often use the Big Five personality measure as an example of an integrative and numeric approach. The Big-Five model of psychology is made up of five dimensions: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

The Research scale has served as the foundation for the vast majority of contemporary research on brand personalities. Researcher used brand personality scale and modified it to better suit Turkish customers. Brand personality and image are strongly linked when developing brands. Marketing studies firm image, attitude, and how these effect consumer preferences.

This study gives a framework for studying the effects of brand personality, including the role of brand image and the uniqueness of identity-on-brand choice. The method is guided by the idea of self-expression.

Brand reputation, image, and personality play an essential and critical role in influencing purchase decisions, their relevance.



This study’s goal is to find out how buyer’s perceptions of brand personalities affect their choices for certain brands, with a focus on how customers self-expression acts as a link between the two. Brand reputation, image, and personality play an essential and critical role in influencing purchase decisions, their relevance.

For this study, a structure model has been made to show how the different factors are related to each other. As separate factors, this study looks at the brand’s identity, image, uniqueness, self-expression value, and buy purpose. The information comes from a poll that young people in Istanbul took part in. For the study, a clothes brand that is most popular with younger people has been chosen.


The findings of the research led to the conclusion that the personality of the brand may be broken down into four subfactors, which are competence, sincerity, enthusiasm, and tradition. It was discovered that the perceptions of a brand’s personality have a substantial impact on the preference for that brand when the self-expressive value of the brand plays a part in mediating the connection between the two. Competence and passion have direct effects on an individual’s desire to buy.

When it comes to making a purchase decision, it is clear that a customer places a great deal of importance on the image and personality of the brand.


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