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Banking Sector Performance During Covid 19

Analysing the Performance of the Banking Industry in the Context of Covid-19

COVID-19 has directly affected the global economy, notably the financial sector. Despite financial hardship and uncertainty, the banking industry has had to adapt to new ways of functioning and communicating with customers. The MBA project report analyse the performance of the banking sector during the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on banking industry.

This has increased the industry’s dependence on technology, among other issues. The financial business has survived the pandemic despite these challenges.

This was made possible with the assistance of regulators and the government. On the other hand, accidental growth has been seen in both defaulted loans and profits. As fresh worries emerge, it may be some time before we have a complete understanding of the effect the virus has had on the financial industry.

The financial system has shown to be robust in the face of adversity; nonetheless, it must continue to be attentive and adapt in order to assure its continued viability and prosperity over the long term.

Keywords: Performance, COVID-19, pandemic, global economy, adapt, customers, financial stress, regulation steps, government support, loan failures.

Covid-19 Impact on the Banking Sector:

To stop COVID-19, governments used social isolation, national quarantines, and closing down small businesses. Because of the slowdown in the economy, businesses had to rush to find money to cover their running costs.

The real sector and the banking business are affected by the “countercyclical” actions of credit institutions. If banks use up all of their buffers, their assets may get worse, which could threaten the security of the system.

There’s a chance that these changes to the law won’t affect the banking sector, since the crisis is likely to keep going even after lockdowns end and markets resume. The MBA project report analyse the performance of the banking sector during the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on banking industry.

There are two parts to this study. First, we look at the stock prices of global banks to figure out how bad the pandemic is. Second, we use a global record of how the financial sector has responded to the pandemic and mix it with the prices of bank stocks. Event research is used to study how policy changes affect the stock market.


  • Financial Stability: Maintaining financial stability despite the pandemic’s economic consequences.
  • Customer Support: Loan restructures, payment delays, and financial advice for pandemic-affected people, families, and companies.
  • Risk management helps banks survive loan defaults, credit quality declines, and market fluctuations.


Many studies have shown that the financial world was safe during the pandemic. Because there were more rules and bigger cash gaps, financial institutions were better prepared for the current crisis than they were for past crises.

Profitability and Quality of Assets: Studies show that when loan loss plans go up, profits go down. The company’s assets aren’t as good as they used to be, so they’re worth less. Unpaid loans make it hard for banks to keep up with their assets.

Due to the pandemic, banks were more ready to use digital technology, which sped up the process of getting digital. Research shows how important digitization is for keeping a business going and meeting customer wants when workers are spread out.

Interventions from the government and the Central Bank The government and central banks helped the banking system. These plans included giving more money, guaranteeing loans, and relaxing rules. Many studies show that these steps lessen the damage caused by crises.


In this study, the daily stock prices and balance sheets of 53 different financial companies are used to look into this problem. Our assistance comes in two forms. First, we investigate the ways in which the pandemic had an impact on banks, firms, and the various types of banks.

Second, we look at how various policy changes impact how the market interprets bank stress, both as a whole and inside individual institution. To do this, we use methodologies from event research and a worldwide collection of policy responses in the financial sector. Specifically, we look at how these factors interact.

These policies were based on how much the government spent, and they didn’t raise the price of bank stocks in emerging countries with low economic growth. Prudential measures lower bank profits to show the risk of decline of the cash buffer. Lastly, both public and illiquid banks gained from rate cuts and asset purchases.

Based on their traits and how fragile they were before the crisis, our data show that the crisis and their planned role as countercyclical lenders have put stress on banking systems around the world. Not all banks were helped by financial backing, help for borrowers, and easy money. Borrower assistance programs put a lot of pressure on banks in countries that don’t have much money to spare. As long as the disease keeps hurting the world economy, these spots need to be watched.


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