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B-Segment Cars in India – Study of Consumer Behavior

B-Segment Cars in India – Study of Consumer Behavior


When choosing the suitable four-wheeler, particularly in the B sector, one should take into account vague and imprecise criteria including mileage, maintenance costs, comfort, and brand. Women customers struggle to identify and choose the right model when it comes to choosing four-wheeled vehicles like autos. Four-wheelers were once solely intended for use by the male fraternity. Data gathered from 50 customers in Bangalore using a questionnaire were used to conduct the study and analyze the customer’s preferences while purchasing a vehicle. Download study of consumer behavior on b segment cars in india pdf.

Consumers perform the three separate roles of users, payers, and buyers in the consumer behavior research, which is based on consumer purchasing behavior. The study of consumer behavior focuses on how, why, when, and where consumers purchase goods. It incorporates ideas from sociology, psychology, and economics. It makes an effort to comprehend how consumers decide, both on their own and in groups.

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  1. The B-segment is mostly focused on commuting in cities and sporadic highway travel.
  2. Some of the most popular automobile models, such as hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles), and MPVs, may have been seen by you (Multi-Purpose Vehicle).
  3. The sub-segments for each kind of vehicle, however, vary.
  4. Benefit segmentation may help automakers promote their products in the market. Depending on their advantages, various client categories choose various types of vehicles.


Between the A-segment and the C-segment, “compact cars” best represent the B-segment of the passenger automobile market. The B-segment is the biggest category in Europe by volume, accounting for 20 percent of total automobile sales in 2020.


The results of this investigation suggest that consumers’ tastes in four-wheeled vehicles may be shifting for a variety of reasons. Consumers’ preferences may be influenced by a number of factors, including safety, ease of use, maintenance costs, gas mileage, and accessibility to finance. Consumers have become more cost-conscious as gas prices have risen rapidly and steadily. As a result, people place a premium on gas economy when making a vehicle purchase.

According to the results of this research, people value simple vehicle finance options the most. In order to attract as many customers as possible in the increasingly competitive vehicle market, several businesses now offer convenient payment plans. This makes automobile ownership more accessible to those in the middle class by offering affordable monthly payments.

Finally, it was discovered that buyers place a high value on model while making automobile purchases. Consumers’ priorities have shifted dramatically in recent years, therefore each make and model has its own unique set of features to appeal to its target demographic.

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