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An Analysis of Npas Of Top 4 Indian Private Banks: Using a Comprehensive Framework of 31 Financial Ratios from 2018-2021/22

 Examining NPAs in India’s Top 4 Private Banks: A Detailed Analysis Incorporating 31 Financial Ratios from 2018 to 2021/22

one of MBA project report ,This study looks at the non-performing assets Examining NPAs of the top four Indian private banks from 2018 to 2021/22 using 31 financial factors. NPAs are overdue loans or advances. This study looks at banks’ financial health, careful capital management ,their ability to make money, and how well they do in terms of nonperforming loans (NPA).

The goal of this study is to find out how many nonperforming assets Examining NPAs banks have, as well as how much money they make, how much money they have in savings, and how well they do financially generally. By looking at key financial ratios like the gross nonperforming asset ratio, the net nonperforming asset ratio, the provision coverage ratio, the return on assets (ROA), the return on equity (ROE), the net interest margin (NIM), and the capital adequacy ratio (CAR), banks can figure out the quality of their assets, how profitable they are, and how stable their finances are.

 Keywords: Nonperforming assets (NPAs), Indian private banks, financial measures, research, gross NPA ratio.


NPAs risk the financial health and profits of banks. Indian private banks have trouble managing NPAs. NPAs and financial measures may show how well these institutions are managing risks and how healthy their finances are. Because of their value to the Indian economy, the top four Indian private banks were chosen for this study. These banks control the market and help the business. This study looks at 31 financial measures from 2018 to 2021/22 to rate their financial success and nonperforming assets (NPAs). The probe will focus on ROA, ROE, NIM, and CAR. Gross, net, provision coverage, and provision coverage rates are also helpful. These measures include NPAs, funding, revenue, and the health of the bank. These measures may show how the bank’s financial success and non-performing loans (NPAs) change over time.  These lessons will help to understand how India’s banking industry works.


  • Find out how many nonperforming assets (NPAs) the selected private banks have in their loan portfolios and analyse their changes over time.
  • Check the banks’ gross and net NPA ratios to evaluate whether their assets are improving or deteriorating.
  • Provisioning: find out whether banks set aside enough money to cover poor loan losses and how they do it.
  • The provision coverage ratio shows whether banks have adequate reserves.
    Calculate the banks’ ROA and ROE to determine profitability and if NPAs affect it.



           Non-performing assets (NPAs) in the Indian banking industry have been studied a lot, including their causes, affects, careful capital management and how they are handled. Several studies have shown how GDP growth, inflation, and interest rates affect NPA levels. In non-performing asset management, researchers have also looked at credit risk assessment, loan tracking, and repayment methods.

These measures may show if a banks’ financial health can handle credit risk, make money, and keep its cash levels stable. The research also talks about the RBI’s regulatory framework and its plans to lower “non-performing loans” (NPAs) and improve the banking system. Research shows that legal factors help spot NPAs and figure out how much capital is needed. Literature about nonperforming assets (NPAs) and financial measures in Indian private banks focuses on risk management, credit evaluation, funding, and careful capital management.


In conclusion, examining the non-performing assets (NPAs) of the top four Indian private banks using a whole framework of 31 financial parameters from 2018-2021/22 provides important information about their asset quality, risk management, revenue, and overall financial performance.ns, and management make better decisions. It helps find trends, patterns, and swings in NPAs and indicators, which lets you control risks proactively and improve performance. It also shows how banks handle risks, how they make money, and how healthy they are financially.

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