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Accounting for Non-profit Organization’s

Accounting for Non-profit Organization’s


In most cases, the Income and Expense Account as well as the Balance Sheet for the Not-for-Profit Organizations are prepared with the assistance of the Receipt and Payment Account. Despite this, one should not draw the conclusion that they do not do a trial balance.

There are certain organizations whose primary purpose is to serve both its members and the public in general by offering various types of assistance. Clubs, charity institutions, schools, religious organizations, labor unions, welfare societies, and societies for the development of art and culture are examples of the types of organizations that fall into this category.

The provision of service, rather than financial gain, serves as the primary motivation for these organizations, in contrast to the motivations that drive businesses.


  1. The revenues collected by these organizations from a variety of different sources are attributed to either the general fund or the capital fund.
  2. The surplus that was produced as a result of an excess of revenue over expenditures was not dispersed among the members of the organization. It is only added to the overall amount of capital.
  3. Instead, then focusing on the happiness of its clients or shareholders, not-for-profit organizations strive to make a positive contribution to the general well-being of the community in order to build a solid reputation.
  4. The accounting information that is made available by these types of organizations is both for the purpose of satisfying the regulatory obligation as well as for the benefit of current and future contributions.


Financial statements must be prepared by Not-for-Profit Organizations at the conclusion of each accounting period.

Even though these organizations are not for profit and are not obliged to keep trading or profit and loss accounts, it is important to understand whether or not the money received throughout the year was enough to cover costs.

Not only that, but they also have to provide the Registrar of Societies, members, donors, and contributors the essential financial information.


Not-for-profit organizations are those that are established as charity institutions and are utilized for the benefit of society. At the end of each accounting period, Not-for-Profit Organizations are required to produce financial accounts.

Even if these nonprofits are not required to maintain trade or profit and loss accounts due to their non-profit status, it is still crucial to know whether or not the funds they received throughout the course of the year were sufficient to pay for expenses. In addition, they must provide the crucial financial data to the Registrar of Societies, members, funders, and contributors.

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