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A Study on Work Life Balance of Female Employees in Education Sector

Investigation on Work Life Balance of Female Employees in Education Sector

Today’s working women value a good work life balance, so if their jobs don’t provide stability and satisfaction, they may struggle. To achieve a work life balance and reduce stress, your personal and professional lives must be balanced. In this MBA report, we investigate the study of supportive work environment, work life policies and flexible working arrangement on work life balance of female employees in Education Sector.

Employee performance, which is affected by several variables, determines an organization’s efficiency. These things may affect our personal and professional happiness. It’s often believed that balancing personal and work life is challenging. This research examined female educators’ work life balance.

Women have a tougher problem juggling work and life than men. However, they can balance their personal and professional lives. These include friendly coworkers, cognitively stimulating employment, balanced rewards, flexible work arrangement and employee-focused policy. This study examines how female educators handle work life balance.

Work Life Balance of Female Employees

Work life balance is controversial. It’s believed that work life balance is tough. This study examined educating women’s work life balance. 40 female workers provided study data. Female workers have trouble managing work and life. They can balance work and life to some level.

This study supports the idea that there are various barriers to a good work-life balance, many of which are related to the issues examined in this article. Time and work conflicts, stress, travel issues, people’s attitudes toward their jobs, an excessive number of home and work responsibilities, a lack of coordination between the two, family expectations, and so on all work against a healthy work life balance.

Keywords: Female Employee, Work Life Balance, Stress, Employee’s satisfaction, work life policies, flexible work arrangement and supportive working environment.


“Work life balance” is the practice of balancing work (career) with lifestyle (family, hobbies, health, and leisure). Domestic chores like cleaning and cooking dominated women’s job in the past. Only a tiny number of women worked in education, industry, social service, and small companies. Few women were literate or educated.

This was mostly due to their parents’ and grooms’ views on women’s professions. Literacy may reduce the percentage of women’s knowledge parsimony. In today’s competitive environment, women may utilize their intellectual potential to advance their careers via education. Thus, female workers today work alongside men in industry, education, and other fields.

Urbanization and industrialization have accelerated India’s family change. India’s working women want financial freedom. Indian women today have many more educational alternatives, especially in cities.

A poor and unbalanced work life causes psychological and physiological stress, which not only negatively affects performance, which leads to frustration, but also affects her attitude, which leads to tantrums on the family, which disrupts the family and affects the grooming of children, the nation’s future. Time management is affected by work life balance. She couldn’t focus on her personal or professional life.


  • To investigate the ways in which working women strike a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives.
  • To become aware with the various strategies for maintaining a healthy work life balance that are currently being utilized by female employees.
  • In order to investigate other existing elements that have an effect on working women.
  • To investigate the difficulties that are confronted by married women who are employed.
  • In order to study other factors already present in the working world that may have an impact on women


Given its popularity, this work life balance literature review provides an overview. They enrich society and workers’ lives. Supporting employee and corporate development will achieve this. It affects workplace satisfaction and stress, according to study.

Work-life balance policies and practices included professional progress, appreciation, and the competitive atmosphere. This article attempts to provide an overview of the numerous aspects of a good work life balance by reviewing past studies. Reviewing published stuff. Professionals in various fields define “life adjust of work” in diverse ways. Women and girls play diverse roles in work life balance study.

Due to the growing interest in work life balance, a study was commissioned to advance societal progress and recognize that by contributing to each employee’s growth and the firm’s success, employers can help their employees lead more fulfilling lives. The study found that job satisfaction, work stress, and quality of life are all affected.

Human resource management literature has recently focused on work family interaction, specifically conflict origins and effects. Work life balance literature is offered from several angles.

Many studies have shown that workers’ well-being and productivity depend on a good work life balance. Work life balance (WLB) is the ability to balance work, family, and personal life. Education is one of the most demanding occupations due to long hours and strict regulations, according to study. This makes it harder for women to manage work and home.


Women are crucial in the family. She keeps her family together. Women labor in the family as employees and major members. Women must balance their personal and professional lives to avoid societal issues and hinder their ability to perform their duties at work and at home. In this MBA report, we explore the study of work life balance of female employees in Education Sector which helps to focuses on the supportive working environment, and flexible work arrangement.

According to the poll, workers have different views on how imbalance affects performance, and health. Pedagogical developments increase teacher workload in education. A teacher may need to provide multiple presentations and tasks. As a teacher, she must plan and organize at home and at her schools. A corporation must use particular human resources strategies to help women balance work and life.

They work a lot because of their household responsibilities, so they don’t get to spend as much time with friends and family as they’d like. Instead, they and their organization help individuals manage and balance their personal and professional work life policies. Office work impacts family obligations.

Work Life Balance of Female Employees in Education Sector

Most women use social media, time management, their own cars, and proper preparation to balance their personal and professional life. Recent studies show that a woman’s capacity to balance work life policies and family is unaffected by family structure. Improved remuneration and incentives may explain this. Banking and finance employment has also increased compared to education and other service sectors. Multiple causes caused this rise. 73% were reared in monogamous households, whereas 27% came from mixed families.

In the past, work and home were clearly separated. In recent years, work has increasingly interfered with personal time, making it harder to manage the two. Work life balance is possible.

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