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A Study on Psychology of Consumers – MBA Marketing

A Study on Psychology of Consumers – MBA Marketing


Consumer psychology is the study of how people behave when it comes to their purchasing habits, mannerisms, and preferences with respect to consumer goods, as well as how they respond to and choose to use advertisements, packaging, and marketing for those items.
Companies may benefit from consumer psychology to produce better marketing strategies, better product development and design, and greater customer retention. Additionally, it aids in the understanding of customer reactions to various marketing messages. Download a study on psychology of consumers project pdf.

To influence customer behavior, marketers employ psychological techniques into their marketing plans. It enables them to more successfully attract and engage consumers. and maybe convince them to purchase their good or service.


  1. To determine the variables that affect consumer psychology.
  2. To assess the relative influence of every marketing instrument on the customer.
  3. To determine how consumers feel about various marketing initiatives.
  4. Consumer psychology is the study of how consumers choose, pay for, utilize, and then discard goods and services.


Learning out about the preferences, motivations, and purchasing patterns of the target audience is done via consumer research. Consumer research gives organizations the tools they need to create accurate profiles of client purchase behavior by enabling them to dive deeper into customer psychology.


The study of consumer behavior focuses on how customers choose and purchase products, services, and ideas to meet their needs. It is crucial to comprehend customer behavior in more depth since it affects consumers’ purchasing decisions. In order to better understand customers, the field of study of consumer psychology draws on a variety of academic fields, such as social psychology, marketing, behavioral economics, and other fields. Concepts in consumer psychology seek to assess and comprehend customers and the decision-making process.

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