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A Study on Production Planning in Automobile Industry

Study and review on production planning in automobile sector

Production planning is a very important part of the car business because it makes sure that resources are used cuts costs and makes customers happier. This study will look at the problems that manufacturers face when planning production and look for new ways to make their production methods better. In this MBA project report, a study on vehicle manufacturers in production planning in automobile industry will investigate alternative solutions to these challenges.

The first step in this research project is to do a full study of the books. This study looks at how car production is planned right now. The study says that if car companies want to be successful and keep people happy, they need to plan their work well. It also talks about estimating demand, controlling capacity, keeping track of supplies, and setting plans, all of which affect production planning.

“Mixed methods” study uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to collect real-world information. Interviews with production managers, supply chain experts, and industry experts that go into detail about their problems show what they are. Quantitative data from production records and management systems is used to look at key performance indicators (KPIs) and find ways to improve.

Keywords: Production Planning, Automobile, Industry


The car business is a very competitive and fast-paced industry that requires good production planning to meet customer standards, make the best use of resources, and make sure production is as cheap as possible. To be successful in business and to stand out in the market, you need to plan your work carefully. This is a key part of both goals. Still, the sector has to deal with a lot of problems in this area, such as the fact that it’s hard to know what buyers will want, supply lines break down, production processes are hard, and flexible manufacturing systems are needed.

To reach this goal, the books are carefully looked at to see how production planning is going in the auto business right now. This study shows how important good production planning is for meeting customer standards, making sure a business works as quickly as possible, and keeping costs low. Production managers, people who work in the supply chain, and experts in the field are talked to in depth to find out what problems they face and what methods they use when planning output.


  • To comprehend production planning challenges, you must conduct in-depth interviews and gather empirical data.
  • The goal looks for answers and studies problems to improve plans for making cars.
  • To figure out what will happen to key success measures if the suggested structure is used.


Predicting how much people will want to buy is an important part of vehicle manufacturers in production planning. Research shows that time series analysis, regression models, and market trend analysis are all good ways to predict demand. Accurate estimates of demand help automakers plan production, keep track of supplies, and avoid running out of products. To keep production tools and customer demand in balance, there needs to be good capacity management.

The study found that flexible output, planning for capacity, and resource efficiency are all good ideas. Computer models and control of resources make capacity management better. This lets companies improve their work plans and get the most out of the tools they have. Inventory management is an important part of planning how to make something. The goal of inventory management is to reduce carrying costs while still assuring acceptable stock levels. Research shows that JIT and lean manufacturing reduce waste, improve response, and increase the efficiency of output.


Production planning is a very important part of the car business in the end. Because it helps makers make the best use of their resources, meet customer wants, and lower production costs in general. This study looked at the books on how to vehicle manufacturers in production planning in the car business. It focused on the most important things, problems, and possible answers that came up during the research.

Literature says that accurate predictions of demand are necessary for planning production and keeping track of supplies. This is what can be said about the topic based on what has been written about it in books. Automakers may be able to cut costs, improve speed, and become more competitive if they plan their production well.

Result of the study

This study explains that maximizing automobile production planning needs management, inventory control, supply chain technology, and performance monitoring. Based on past research, this study will collect, evaluate, and build a full framework for effective automobile production planning. This study looks at problems and how to fix them so that production planning processes can be made better. This will help companies get better at what they do and succeed in a tough business.

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