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An Investigation into the Effects of Advanced Technology and AI on HR Practices

Changes of a fundamental kind have taken place across a wide range of sectors as a direct result of the fast development of artificial intelligence (AI) and other future technologies. The MBA project report examines the effects, impacts of futuristic advanced technology and AI on human resource management and HR practices.

The purpose of this research is to analyses the effects of advanced technology and AI on HR procedures.

Modern technology and AI may transform HR operations and make many operations more efficient. Technology like automation, data analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing has forced HR departments to adapt how they recruit, manage, assess, train, and make decisions.

Future technology and AI in HR operations boost production and efficiency, among other advantages. Automation and AI may simplify administrative work. Human resources may focus on talent management, employee engagement, and company development. Data analytics and AI provide data-driven decision-making. This improves HR operations.

However, using advanced technology and AI in HR raises ethical issues as well as opportunities. As particular activities become more automated, one possible effect is the displacement of jobs and the change of the workforce.

When businesses have a knowledge of the effects that future technology and AI will have on HR practices, they are better able to proactively adapt to these changes, making the most of the advantages while limiting the risks.

Keywords: Futuristic technology, Artificial intelligence (AI), Human resource practices, Technological advancements, Automation, Data analytics, Machine learning, Employee management, Performance evaluation.


The combination of forward-thinking technology and artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformational force in a variety of sectors, including the field of human resource management (HR management).

Businesses that want to adapt to a digital world that is changing quickly need to know how changes in technology have affected and are still affecting HR practices. This introduction offers a summary of a more extensive research that focuses on investigating the implications that future technology and AI will have on HR practices.

The mix of modern technology and artificial intelligence (AI) could make HR processes totally different from what they are now. It includes hiring good people, managing their work, judging their performance, training and growth, and making decisions.

HR workers may be more productive and efficient if they automate operations and use solutions that are driven AI.

This frees them up to concentrate on more strategic activities related to talent management, employee engagement, and organizational growth. AI and data analytics enable data-driven decision-making. This informs HR professionals and improves HR procedures.

But using modern technology and AI in HR brings ethical questions and problems. Some jobs could be done by machines instead of people. This could affect workers. AI systems need to be used fairly so that they don’t lead to bias and unfairness. AI that makes decisions must protect privacy and work for justice if it wants to keep people’s trust and follow social rules.


  • This research examines how future technology and AI will affect HR functions including hiring, evaluating performance, training, and decision-making.
  • This study looks into how AI and other new innovations might make HR operations better. Among these perks and chances are increased efficiency, output, and making decisions based on data.
  • We will investigate the obstacles and ethical issues that are related with the integration of future technology and AI. Some of these challenges and considerations include job displacement, workforce transformation, responsible AI use, data privacy, and algorithmic biases.
  • Using case studies and recommendations from companies that have successfully used future technology and AI in their HR operations. The goal of this project is to investigate how these technologies may be practically applied in HR practices today.
  • To learn how HR professionals and employees feel about future technology and AI in HR operations via qualitative talks.

Literature Survey:

Impact on Talent Acquisition:

Several studies have emphasized the usage of AI driven recruiting technologies. Such as automated resume screening, chatbots for first applicant contacts, and predictive analytics for candidate selection.

The advantages include better applicant experience, decreased bias in candidate selection, and increased efficiency in processing huge numbers of applications.

Management of Employees Undergoing a Revolution:

Future technology and AI have made it easier to keep track of employee success, give comments, and support employee involvement.

Performance management tools that are driven by AI can give real-time feedback, individual growth goals, and forecasts of performance.

Data-driven Decision-making:

HR workers now have the ability to make choices that are better informed and driven more by data. Thanks to the usage of data analytics and AI technologies.

Workforce planning, the retention of talent, and the identification of skill shortages are all possible applications for predictive analytics. These issues are all connected to AI.

The Obstacles and Ethical Considerations that Face Us:

The incorporation of future technology and AI into HR practices raises worries over the potential for the displacement of jobs and the transformation of the workforce.

Application in the Real World and the Context of the Organization:

Case studies and best practices demonstrate how cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence may improve human resource management across several industries.

Perspectives & First-Hand Accounts:

Qualitative study has examined how HR professionals and employees feel about adopting future technologies and AI in HR operations.


Based on a review of the relevant research, we can say that the mix of Innovative technology and AI has the ability to have big effects on HR practices.

The developments in technology have the potential to revolutionize a variety of HR activities. It is including talent acquisition, staff management, decision-making procedures, and practices driven by data. Nevertheless, this integration carries with it a number of problems and ethical implications that will need careful analysis and attention.

AI-powered recruiting tools improve efficiency and reduce prejudice, according to the research. AI can improve staff engagement, feedback, and growth goals.

Data analytics and AI help HR professionals plan personnel, retain employees, and develop abilities.

Weaknesses in computers, justice, protecting privacy, and using AI in a responsible way must be dealt with to make sure there is no bias, openness, and responsibility.
Investigating the Influence of Future Technology and Artificial Intelligence:

Before using future technology and AI in HR, corporate culture, leadership support, change management, and employee participation must be considered. Case studies of projects that were finished successfully give useful information about how to put plans into action in the best way.

You need to know what HR professionals and employees think. The experiences to grasp how future technologies and AI will affect HR practices or Effects of Advanced Technology and AI. During change, consider people’s feelings, concerns, and performance.


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