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A Study on Impact of Merger and Acquisitions in Automobile Sector


This study topic will get off to a good start if we look at what’s been written about car mergers and acquisitions. After that, interviews will be done with industry experts and financial data will be looked at to find out how mergers and deals affect how well auto companies do. The study explores the impact of merger and acquisitions in the automobile sector, examining their effects on the automotive industry.

Mergers and acquisitions increase or hinder company success. The research will also investigate successful automotive mergers and acquisitions.

This study seeks to increase understanding about automotive mergers and acquisitions as a growth strategy.

A literature assessment on car mergers and acquisitions will help this research topic get off to a good start. This examination determines if mergers and acquisitions improve or hurt corporate performance. The study will also examine what makes automotive mergers and acquisitions successful.

This research aims to improve knowledge of mergers and acquisitions in the automotive industry and their potential as a growth strategy for sector firms.

Keywords: mergers and acquisitions, the automobile industry, performance, financial performance, growth strategy, market value.

Investigating the Influence of Mergers and Acquisitions 

Because it is responsible for both the creation of new employment and the acceleration of technological improvement, the automotive industry is a crucial contributor to the economy of the whole globe.

Jobs are made in the car industry. In this business, there is a lot of competition, the market is always changing, and customer desire for transportation options that are good for the earth and work well is growing. These three things make up the business world. In the very competitive car business, companies have tried different ways to grow, such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

“Mergers and acquisitions” (M&A) is the process of merging two or more companies into a larger, more varied one. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are becoming more common among automotive companies to expand their commercial operations.

Due of significant transaction costs and cultural clashes, mergers may be risky. it depends on several elements from both sides. The merger’s synergies, legal environment, and strategic aims are these factors.

This study seeks to better understand the consequences of mergers and acquisitions on the car industry. This research project will begin with a literature evaluation of car mergers and acquisitions. We will also examine the factors that affect automotive mergers and acquisitions.


  • This study uses interviews with industry executives and financial data to investigate how mergers and acquisitions have affected car industry performance.
  • This study looks at what makes mergers and deals in the car industry work.
  • To shed light on M&A growth plans in the car industry.
  • To give advice to car companies that are thinking about M&As.
  • To add to the books on merger and acquisitions effects and help managers and investors in the car business.

Literature Survey

Mergers and acquisitions have been a common tactic used by businesses operating in the automotive industry as a means to realize growth, increase their market share, and enhance their profitability.

The consequences of mergers and acquisitions in the automobile sector have been the subject of investigation in a number of studies that have been carried out. The study explores the impact of M&A in the automobile sector, examining their effects on the automotive industry.

One study looked at how mergers and purchases affect how well cars do financially. The study shows that when businesses join or buy each other, their profits and market value go up. The study also talked about how mergers and purchases need to do their homework, choose good partners, and deal with culture problems to be successful.

Not every study finds that mergers and acquisitions benefit the car industry. One study examined the financial effect of mergers and acquisitions on Chinese automakers. This was done to get deeper understanding.

The research shows that mergers and acquisitions may significantly impact companies’ performance. M&A rely on several factors. These include strategic alignment, legal environment, and synergy.


M&A, short for “mergers and acquisitions,” is the preferred growth strategy for automotive firms. Corporate M&A may affect financial performance, efficiency, and innovation, according to research. The study explores the impact of merger and acquisitions in the automobile sector, examining their effects on the automotive industry. However, M&A depend on many factors, including the legal environment, strategic objectives, and synergies.

Specifically, this research will focus on how M&A affects the performance of companies in the industry. To determine how mergers and acquisitions affect automotive companies’ performance, the research will interview industry experts and analyse financial data.

This will be accomplished by conducting interviews with industry experts and by analysing financial data. As part of this research, we will also analyse the elements that play a role in determining whether or not mergers and acquisitions within the automotive sector are successful.


The findings of this study are expected to be published in the journal Automotive Research. The study explores the impact of merger and acquisitions in the automobile sector, examining their effects on the automotive industry.

The research aims to improve knowledge of how M&A influence the automobile industry and how they might help firms expand. In particular, the study will focus on the potential of M&A as a growth strategy for automotive companies.

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