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A Study on Challenges Faced by Hospital in Housekeeping Process

What are the challenges faced by hospital in housekeeping process?

Hospitals are one of the most significant organizations in society, hospitals play a unique part not only in the lives of the individual but also in the life of the community as a whole. Collaboration from multiple individuals is required for infection control in hospitals. One of the professional groups that are a member of this team is housekeeping, and one of the responsibilities that they have is the management of infections and the sanitation of the facility. In this MBA report, a study on challenges faced by hospital in housekeeping process has been done.

The provision of housekeeping services encompasses a wide range of operations, the overarching goal of which is to ensure that patients are treated in an atmosphere that is sanitized, well-organized, secure, and pleasant at all times. In hospitals, preventing the spread of microbes and, by extension, illnesses is a problem that requires input from all fields of study. Because of this, each hospital should establish an Infection Control Committee as soon as possible.

Keywords:  Inventory management, Hotel Housekeeping Department


Housekeeping maintains the hospital’s public spaces, patient care facilities, and staff quarters. The Sanitation Division, Section, Services, and others are all titles for it. Clean, welcoming, safe, and attractive are key. Hospital housekeeping must keep patients safe and tidy.  A study on challenges faced by hospital in housekeeping process explains hospital housekeeping services like clean, maintain, and sanitize the environment and infrastructure to remove contaminants. The “housekeeper” was traditionally responsible for home security. Hospital housekeeping management includes cleaning, sanitation, trash collection, and other duties needed to maintain a hospital clean and hygienic. Housekeeping includes all tasks done to keep the home clean, safe, and enjoyable.

Transmission necessitates:

The presence of a disease-causing agent on the surfaces, furniture, or supplies of a hospital. A path that the infectious agent may take in order to move from one patient to another, from one member of the staff to another, or even among members of the same group of people.

Every day, an administrator will perform housekeeping duties. Additionally, the housekeeping services ought to center their attention on the bio-clinical atmosphere of the patient care space. An audit of the weekly cleaning will also aid in planning the effective utilization of the available resources.

Hospitals’ biggest challenge is satisfying patients. Since there are a significant variety of difficulties that patients might have while they are in the hospital, such as poor infrastructure, high out-of-pocket charges.


  1. To provide a clean, safe, and comfortable environment that gives guests a sense of security and reassurance; this is our number one priority.
  2. To comply with the regulations governing sanitation set forth by the health legislation.
  3. To keep the original finishes, fabrics, and furniture in the building looking as good as they did when they were first put in.
  4. To provide education and training in housekeeping services to members of the hospital staff.


The patient was admitted to the hospital for a reason unrelated to the infection. This covers illnesses that were acquired in the hospital but did not show up until after the patient was discharged, as well as occupational infections among the staff members of the facility. Infections that are contracted when a patient is in a healthcare facility are known as nosocomial infections.

There is a risk of transmitting an infection to patients, hospital personnel, or hospital visitors. Cleaning the environment in a healthcare facility is essential because it lowers the risk of disease transmission. Lowering the quantity and concentration of infectious agents and, in certain cases, reducing the vectors that spread them helps achieve this.

Cleaning is linked to asthma and other respiratory diseases, according to study on cleaners and individuals who spend time in recently cleaned indoor spaces. In the healthcare sector, cleaning is crucial owing to the frequent and significant requirement for cleaning and the wide range of cleaning and disinfecting agents used.


The hospital’s cleaning crew keeps public spaces, patient care facilities, and staff quarters clean. The Sanitation Division, Section, Services, and others are all titles for it. Housekeeping maintains the building and its infrastructure, cleans and launders patient linens, waste, prevents pest infection, and monitors and protects patients and visitors. In addition, it is responsible for the safety of patients and visitors. 

The housekeeping service at the medical facility is an essential component of the everyday operations. It cleans the rooms, common areas, storage spaces, and near environment. Housekeeping is accountable for maintaining a clean and risk-free environment for patients at the medical facility.

Results of the study

Housekeeping has a big impact on the “image” of the hospital. Unsatisfactory sanitation and cleanliness have been linked to patient dissatisfaction in several trustworthy studies. The housekeeping department is responsible for a number of key responsibilities, one of the most crucial being inventory management. Housekeeping responsibilities in management must overcome several challenges while physically stocktaking linen. Some of these may include the workers mistreating the linens or stealing them, among other possible scenarios.

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