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A Study on One Time Investment and Systematic Investment Plans

A Study on One Time Investment and Systematic Investment Plans


There are two approaches to investing in mutual funds the first is a one-time investment, which takes the form of an annual lump sum payment, and the second is a systematic investment plan (sip). A lump sum investment is a one-time payment that is payable after one year. This kind of investment is suitable for investors who have a large quantity of liquid assets available to them and a greater risk tolerance. They may decide to invest a single lump amount instead. Download project on one time investment and systematic investment plans.

A monthly contribution will be made to the investment by the investor as part of a systematic investment plan. Therefore, in order to determine which kind of investment offers greater returns, we may conduct research contrasting one-time investments with ongoing investing strategies.


  1. The concept of an investment is an asset that is purchased or invested in with the intention of accumulating wealth and saving money from the hard-earned income or appreciation of the asset.
  2. To earn an extra source of income or make a profit from an investment over a certain amount of time is the primary intent of most people when they undertake investing activities.
  3. One is able to put up a financial plan for oneself by using the SIP, which enables one to acquire units on a certain date of each month.
  4. You may make a one-time investment in the form of a lump sum in order to receive interest as well as the principal amount when the deposit matures.
  5. This one-time investment plan has a defined duration, and if you remove money from it before it matures, you will be required to pay a penalty as well as accept a lower rate of return.


One single total quantity of money is what’s meant by the term “lump sum amount.” A one-time investment of the whole amount is referred to as a “lump sum investment.”

The use of a one-time investment of a large quantity of money is being researched as a potential method for investing in mutual funds. The second strategy is referred to be a systematic investment plan, or SIP for short. This method is becoming more common. Large players and investors typically use lump sums to make investments.

These investments are typically made in stocks, particularly those linked to assets that are likely to be acknowledged in the long term. This type of investment is typically profitable, with the exception of circumstances in which there is high volatility. Under the terms of this plan, a certain sum of money is put away on a continuing basis at predetermined time intervals.


A systematic investment plan (SIP) is comparable to a normal savings plan, such as a recurring deposit. It is a strategy that involves investing a certain amount of money on a regular basis in a mutual fund. The SIP enables the investor to purchase units on a predetermined day of each month. Both the size and the overall strategy of the mutual fund are decided by the investor.

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