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  1. World Class Manufacturing – The Building Blocks
  2. Various Factors Affecting the Type of Packing
  3. Wagering Agreements & Quassi Contracts
  4. Ware Housing – An Overview
  5. Value Engineering as a Leverage in Cost Competitiveness – A Case Study
  6. TQM in Service Sector – Opportunities and Challenges – An Overview
  7. Toyota Production System (TPS) : A WCM Model
  8. Total Cost of Ownership – An Introduction to Whole-of-Life Costing
  9. Tools Employed in Measuring Quality in Processes
  10. Strengths and Weaknesses of ERP in Supply Chain Management
  11. Stores Identification Systems – Need, Advantages and Payoff
  12. Store Management System – A Case Study
  13. Store Accounting and Record Keeping Practices – An Overview
  14. Steps to Implement TQM in an Organization – A Case Study
  15. Standardized Project Management – An Overview
  16. Spare Parts Management Potential in Production Sector
  17. Service Level Quality – Standards, Measures, Monitoring and Enhancing on Overview
  18. Scrap Disposal Procedures
  19. Role of Social Responsibility in Purchasing
  20. Role of International Logistics in Global Procurement
  21. Role of Insurance in Global Sourcing
  22. Role of E-Procurement in Purchasing Management
  23. Role of Back – End Logistics in the Purchasing Process
  24. Rail Transportation vs. Road Transportation – A Comparison on Feasibility
  25. Quality for Competitive Advantage and Profitability – A Case study
  26. Procedures in Contract of Carriers – Road, Rail and Sea
  27. Physical Distribution Management – An Overview
  28. Optimization of Total Finished Goods Inventory Management in a Decentralized Organization
  29. Offshore Outsourcing – Opportunities and Challenges
  30. Offences and Penalties Under Environmental Protection Act
  31. Negotiable Instruments Act
  32. Mercantile and Commercial Laws in SCM
  33. Material Management Module of ERP
  34. Material Handling – Storage and Packaging – Challenges
  35. Management of Finished Products Inventory
  36. Make-Buy-Lease Decision – Critical Factors in Decision Making
  37. Logistics Information Systems – Integrating Internal and External
  38. Logistics and Supply Chain Information Systems – Role of IT
  39. Law of Contracts- An Overview
  40. Just in Time (JIT) Merits, Opportunities and Challenges : A Case study
  41. IT Management in Supply Chains
  42. Inventory Record Accuracy Provides Better Control
  43. Inventory Management System in a Business Unit
  44. Inventory Control Procedures in Manufacturing Organizations
  45. Inventory Analysis Techniques – An Overview
  46. Intermodal Transportation – Challenges and Feasibility
  47. Inter State Trade Barriers Created by Sales Tax in India
  48. Identification of the Materials by Bar Coding
  49. Indemnity and Guarantee – Procedures and Compliances
  50. Human Resources and Six Sigma Attitude
  51. GST- Impact on Supply Chain Management
  52. Global Competitiveness with Quality as the Focus
  53. Fraud in Insurance
  54. Elements of Lean Production – an Overview
  55. Designing Six Sigma – Steps and Challenges
  56. Designing an ERP System – Business, Product, Process Considerations
  57. Critical Factors in Selection of Warehouse Facilities
  58. Criteria for Qualifying and Shortlisting Suppliers
  59. Contracts of Carriage – An Overview
  60. Challenges in Implementation of an ERP System
  61. CENVAT & Its Implications
  62. Causes of Accidents & Its Prevention in Stores Department
  63. Benchmarking vs. Standardizing – A Case Study
  64. Automation of Stores Record Keeping
  65. Arbitration Law in SCM & Its Various Modes
  66. Analysis of Training Needs Assessment of Retail Sales Executives
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