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Study on Impact of Fundamentals Upon Stock Price Movement in IT Sector

Study on Impact of Fundamentals Upon Stock Price Movement in IT Sector


The market establishes prices for stocks when there is a balance of supply and demand among buyers and sellers. But have you ever given any thought to the factors that drive the stock market. Unfortunately, there is no simple equation that can tell us precisely how the price of a company will behave in the future. Download mba project report on stock price movement in IT sector.

Having said that, there are a few things that we know about the factors that drive a stock either up or down. The fundamental variables, the technical considerations, and the market mood are the three buckets that these forces are organized into.


  1. The price of a share of stock is determined by a number of different variables, but ultimately, the price at any one instant is determined by the supply and demand in the market at that precise moment in time.
  2. Stock prices are driven by fundamental variables, which are based on the profits and profitability of a firm as a result of manufacturing and selling products and services.
  3. The price history of a stock in the market, including chart patterns, momentum, and the behavioral characteristics of traders and investors, are considered to be among the technical elements.
  4. If just basic considerations determined stock prices, everything would be much simpler. The mixture of internal and external circumstances that influence the supply and demand of a company’s stock is referred to as technical factors.


There is a possibility that some of these profits may be paid out in the form of dividends, while the remaining portion will be held by the firm (on your behalf) in order to be reinvested. We may conceive of the future earnings stream as a function of both the present level of profits and the predicted increase in this earnings base. This allows us to think of the future earnings stream in terms of a function.

The valuation multiple , often known as the stock price as some multiple of EPS, is a method for reflecting the discounted present value of the projected future earnings stream. This method is shown in the picture below.


Investors who have a strong belief in fundamentals may make peace with technical forces by using the common reasoning that follows: while technical considerations and market sentiment often dominate in the short run, fundamentals will determine the stock price in the long run.

Traditional financial theories do not seem to be capable of explaining all that occurs on the market, therefore we may anticipate more fascinating advances in the field of behavioral finance in the interim.

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