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The Effect of Covid 19 on Real Estate and Lifestyle of Customers

Impact of Coronavirus on real estate and lifestyle of customers

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the real estate sector as well as the way of life of its clients all over the globe. In this MBA report on the effect of Covid 19 on Real Estate and Lifestyle of Customers shows the epidemic of covid-19 had on the real estate and customers perception of COVID-19 affects purchasing behavior.

The pandemic has had a far-reaching influence, impacting many facets of the real estate sector, including house purchasing and selling, as well as renting, property management, and commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate was affected by the pandemic. The epidemic has caused many companies to close or work remotely, reducing demand for office and retail space. Online shopping has raised demand for warehousing and distribution infrastructure.

The epidemic also affected the rental market. In certain locations, rent prices have fallen due to lower demand, while in others, rising demand has kept prices high. The epidemic’s economic volatility has cost some people their jobs and money. This affected the rental market and increased evictions in certain areas.

Commercial real estate was affected by the pandemic. The epidemic has caused many companies to close or work remotely, reducing demand for office and retail space. Online shopping has raised demand for warehousing and distribution infrastructure.

Keywords: COVID-19, real estate, work from home, bigger homes, home offices, outdoor spaces, suburban and rural locations.


The epidemic of covid-19 had on the real estate has a significant influence on every facet of our lives, including the lifestyles of those who work in the real estate sector and the properties they buy and sell. People have been compelled to adjust their methods of living and working as a direct result of the epidemic, which has had substantial repercussions for the real estate sector

The real estate industry has been affected by the pandemic, including a rise in demand for larger homes. Due to remote work, people are searching for residences with specific office rooms and outdoor spaces for health, relaxation, and entertainment. This has increased demand for suburban and rural homes while decreasing desire for urban residences.

COVID-19 spread rapidly, requiring lockdowns worldwide. Several nations have restricted travel to curb the spread of the virus. Only essential services were permitted to operate, and the country’s borders were closed.

Due to slow economic growth, a lot of people had to take pay cuts or lose their jobs. Businesses shut down, production stopped, and it was harder to get around because of the strict lockdown rules. E-commerce could happen.

Outdoor sports, social events, and religious services were formerly held. These activities were either outlawed or had to follow strict social-distance criteria. Movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, and schools closed. Associated industries were affected.


  • To investigate the effects that the epidemic of covid-19 has had on the real estate industry and consumer behavior in India.
  • To examine how age and gender affect consumer behavior before, during, and after the lockout.
  • To investigate how the customers perception of COVID-19 affects their purchasing behavior.


According to research, during normal times in the Indian real estate market, the approaching time frame often witnesses a surge in real estate operations because of the celebrations associated with folk festivals.

This results in the emergence of new agreements. The next vacation season for Indian institutions will stretch from April to June, providing potential homeowners with enough opportunity to deliberate about their purchases throughout this time. Regrettably, it seems that the year 2020 will set a new standard.

The lockdown that took place throughout the country from the beginning of April to the middle of the month put a halt to all of the exercises. It is clear that investment targets have been shut down, that site reviews are no longer happening, and that building has come to a total halt. All of these things will hurt deals in the long run.

The developers latest projects have also been delayed. Commercial real estate is still affected by COVID-19, along with industry. In addition to the manufacturing sector, the commercial sector is still susceptible to the epidemic of covid-19 had on the real estate.


During the time period covered by Covid-19, a rise in property values was seen across the board. The limited availability of jobs made it impossible for developers to meet the demand for their products. This outbreak is debilitating since it is anticipated to take the lives of thousands of people.

The value of homes fell as the number of available homes reduced, which led to a reduction in state income. Due to decreased demand and increased negotiating power in a market with a limited supply of the commodity, location searching has begun at a slower pace.

The real estate business needs a lot of people to work in it. Due to the problems caused by the pandemic, it is possible that contract terms, planning, building options for settlements, and investing methods will need to be changed after the pandemic. The business will be able to come back to life because the government is taking steps to increase cash.

How will real estate perform as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Home buyers will be in a good position when flexible retail loan rates are at their lowest. This will keep buyers from getting down. Rentals were affected by the outbreak. Demand has caused rent prices to go up and down in different places. Due to the epidemic’s effect on the economy, some jobs and money have been lost. The rental market got worse, and more people were kicked out of their homes.

This is a temporary phase, and as more people become vaccinated, the real estate market should improve, particularly if they digitize their business models and asset management plans.

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