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Customer Attitude Towards Mutual Fund Schemes & Post Investment Schemes Reference to Vadodara City

What factors influence the buying behavior of mutual fund investors

This study investigates how Vadodara residents feel about investing in mutual fund and Customer attitude towards post-investment plans and how those attitudes affect their investment amounts. The research included 130 Vadodara customers’ questionnaire replies. mba project report on Customer attitude towards post-investment in mutual funds schemes is a crucial factor in Vadodara city. One employs ordinal logistic regression to determine how customers’ views affect their mutual fund investments after analyzing primary data.

More people are realizing that investing in consumer behavior pays off due to increased knowledge and understanding. Socially responsible investing is attracting academics and financial organizations. Despite being accessible worldwide, Vadodara, India, has the most Socially Responsible Mutual Funds.

Corporate governance, safety, and performance are the most essential criteria when buying a mutual fund, according to confirmatory factor analysis. through succeed, a Socially Responsible Mutual Fund must consider these factors from strategy through marketing and distribution.

This study looked at how people in Vadodara use Socially Responsible Mutual Funds. We looked at socially responsible mutual funds and the things that make buyers decide to buy them. To get first-hand information, we picked 100 people of Vadodara at random and gave them a paper with pre-written questions. Even though they have good intentions, only 43% of the people in the study knew about socially responsible mutual funds.

Keywords: Attitude, Mutual fund schemes, Post investment scheme, investment behaviour.


Mutual Fund schemes pool investors’ funds. A professional fund manager would use their knowledge and experience to invest this pooled money in various financial products. As a result, investors will get a certain number of units based on their firm ownership.

This type of individual is also referred to as a “unit-holder.” Unit-holders may be entitled to a profit or loss, net of any charges and taxes, depending on the performance of the underlying consumer behaviours. This is after taking into account any and all fees and taxes.

The fund invests in stocks, bonds, and other assets based on client objectives. Mutual fund shareholders and unitholders get a particular number of units or shares based on their proportionate share of the fund’s assets in return for their contributions.

Post investment strategies:

If you wish to be financially stable, you have to save money. Post-investment methods Saving creates a nest egg. Different financial companies offer a wide range of financial goods that people can invest in based on their preferences and needs. There are banks, savings accounts at the post office, insurance companies, joint funds, and more. People are encouraged to save by the Indian Post Office Banking bank, which is the biggest savings bank in the country.

When the first saving bank was established, the institutional framework for saving in India got its start there. Both the Government Saving Bank Act and the Post Office Saving Bank of India were landmark pieces of legislation.


  • The objective of this study is to investigate how customers’ perceptions of mutual funds have a role in their choices regarding those products. The objective of this study is to investigate how customers’ perceptions of mutual funds have a role in their choices regarding those products.
  • To investigate the perspectives of investors with regard to the mba project report on Post Investment and the Mutual Fund scheme.
  • To investigate the differences in the perspectives of investors about returns between  Mutual Fund schemesand post investment schemes
  • To ascertain the level of familiarity that the general public has with the various types of post investments and mutual funds
  • Investors at all stages of their jobs, including those who are starting out to those at the top, are more likely to favor working with insiders because they don’t know enough and not sufficient free time. Mutual funds are one way of investing, and how customers feel about projects after spending is another. Individual accountants have the most power over customers, so the company needs to tell those about the cash and schemes in question.

Literature Review

Over time, people’s understanding of different systems changed a lot. The total score shows that older buyers have more experience and knowledge. Semi-urban and urban owners wanted to improve their way of life and get tax breaks. If they had more money, most buyers in semi-urban and urban areas wanted to take part in small savings schemes.

Customers felt safer depositing money in post office safes. Marketing Post Office Savings Schemes is important for two reasons: to increase deposits and to inform the public about these programs.

investor preferences Postal savings, a reliable, government-sponsored corporation, provides several savings programs . It’s popular with many people and growing.

The current study investigates the preferences of investors in the Pune area for various investment plans offered by the Post Office, as well as the variables that impact and encourage them to choose a certain plan. These preferences are compared to the factors that influence and encourage them to choose a particular plan.


Ignorance has been identified as the most significant challenge. Investors have a responsibility to be aware of the advantages. No one will put money into something unless they are absolutely certain it is a good investment.

Due to lack of knowledge and time, investors at all levels prefer working with specialists. Mutual funds and consumer satisfaction after spending are two ways to invest. The corporation must inform financial managers about finances and strategies since they affect customers the most.

Individuals are more interested in Mutual Fund schemes as opposed to mba project report on Post Investment . As a result of this, individuals are also migrating toward investment avenues for reasons such as risk and return. Our oldest model for investments is based on how the customer feels after making an investment. However, as our country develops in all areas, people are becoming more interested in getting something back, so mutual funds in Vadodara are based on the market.

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