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Millennial Perception and Preference Towards the Used Cars in Bangalore

View and Choice of Pre-Owned Vehicles

This study’s objective is to investigate the perspectives and preferences of millennials in Bangalore, India, about used vehicles, and to investigate the elements that impact the millennial generation’s decision-making process. The MBA project report examines millennial perception and preference towards pre-owned vehicles and analyses the view and choice of used cars.

It is crucial for industry participants and policymakers in this powerful demographic to have a solid grasp of the shifting consumer behaviour of this influential demographic as the automobile sector continues to undergo change.

The study results give us some important new information about how millennials in Bangalore feel about used cars and which ones they like best. First of all, the main reasons they choose to buy used cars are that they are cheap and save them money.

This choice fits with their budget and their desire to buy things that give them good value for the money they spend. Second, millennials want long-term ownership experiences that aren’t too hard. This means that fears about stability and the costs of upkeep are important factors in their decision-making.

Also, they want used cars because they care about the environment and want to do things in a healthy way.  This study helps us learn more about millennials as a separate group of consumers. It also gives useful information to used car sellers, car makers, and government regulators.

Keywords: millennials, used cars, perception, preference, consumer behaviour, Bangalore, affordability, sustainability, digital platforms.

Preference Towards the Used Cars:

In recent years, customer’s opinions and habits have evolved, affecting the market and the automotive sector. Millennials—people born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s—influence these shifts. Millennials, now in their peak purchasing years, will spend more.

Karnataka’s capital is Bangalore. Technology and the economy are booming here. Bangalore residents are buying more vehicles. The city’s population and per-capita income may be expanding.

In a price-sensitive market like India, young attitudes about old automobiles are particularly crucial. This is because of the growing number of millennials who are buying their first cars.

Automakers, dealers, and politicians should know Bangalore youth’s views on used vehicle purchases. If industry participants tailor their marketing, product lines, and customer experiences to this crucial group’s requirements, concerns, and decision-making factors, they may better serve them. But first, they must know.

This research examines the elements that influence Bangalore millennials’ used automobile purchases to learn how they feel. This research uses qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys to examine how millennial’s used vehicles buying habits are evolving. Specifically, the research will focus on the dynamics of the used car market.

Millennials frequently have limited budgets and seek cheaper options, thus the research will examine affordability. The research will also examine how reliability, repair costs, and environmental awareness impact used vehicle purchases.

This research will assist auto industry professionals understand millennials as buyers. The MBA project report examines millennial perception and preference towards old vehicles and analyses the view and choice of used cars.


  • This research will examine Bangalore millennial’s perspectives, opinions, and experiences buying second-hand vehicles.
  • To determine what motivates Bangalore millennials to buy pre used cars, focusing on pricing, cost, and value.
  • This research seeks to determine how much trustworthiness and maintenance cost matter to millennials when buying pre used cars.
  • To examine how technology and digital platforms have affected millennials’ automobile buying habits, particularly how online marketplaces, user ratings, and social media influence them.
  • To expand on what is known about millennials as a distinct client demographic and their impact on the automotive industry, with an emphasis on Bangalore’s vehicle market.

Literature Review

Millennial consumers: Millennials buy different things based on what they want. Recent study shows that events are more important to youth than things. They care about being real, being unique, and doing good for others. Know these age differences if you want to know how Bangaloreans feel about used cars and how much they want to buy them.

Quality, reliability, and “certified pre-owned” programs have made used cars better and changed how people feel about them. Research shows that millennials are more likely to buy older cars because they are cheaper, lose worth less quickly, and have better features. But worries about reliability, repair costs, and secret problems may still affect how they feel about used cars.

When buying cars, millennials put price and value at the top of their lists. Recent study shows that this age group has trouble meeting their financial responsibilities because of high student loan debt, rising living costs, and a tough job market. Used cars are more valuable than brand-new ones.

Automotive Market in Bangalore: As wages go up and the city grows, more people want to buy cars. This need is what drives the city’s car market. Millennials make up a big part of the city’s population because business is good, technology is changing quickly, and infrastructure is getting better. Automakers and shops need to know how millennials in Bangalore feel about used cars and what they’re looking for in a car.


The study on how millennials in Bangalore feel about used cars shows how this large group of people shops. The poll and review show many important things that millennials think about when buying used cars.

Millennials choose used cars because they are cheaper and have more value. They want to save money and buy a used car to meet their transportation needs while keeping their finances in good shape.

Millennials’ decisions are highly affected by how reliable something is and how much it will cost to keep it running. They like cars that last a long time and don’t need much work. They like to buy used cars with a good repair history and a warranty.

Millennials care a lot about the earth and doing things that are good for it in their daily lives. Since they care about the environment, they choose old cars, especially those with less pollution and better gas mileage.

Technology and the internet have changed how millennials shop for cars. They are affected by things like online markets, customer reviews, and social media. These things help people decide what to do. Online, millennials do study, check prices, and ask their friends about used cars.

The results of this study have implications for both those who work in the field and those who make policy. Understanding how millennials feel about used cars could help automakers and retailers improve their marketing, products, and customer service.


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