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Financial Analysis of Automobile Industry – MBA Finance

Financial Analysis of Automobile Industry – MBA Finance


Over the course of the last several years, the automotive sector has kept up its impressive pace of expansion. The Indian automotive sector is very important to the overall development of the global vehicle market. With rising incomes, an expanding middle class, and a youthful demographic base, as well as a vast pool of trained people and emerging technology, will soon be among the top five auto-producers in the world. This development in demand is being driven by these factors. Download project on automobile industry for mba students pdf.

The pursuit of profit is the primary focus of every successful commercial operation. Every company or commercial activity ought to make sufficient earnings to ensure its continued existence and expansion over the course of time. The capacity of an organization, corporation, firm, or enterprise to generate a profit from all of its economic operations is what is meant by the term “profitability.”

It demonstrates how effectively management may generate profits by making full use of all the resources that are offered on the market. For the purpose of this research, I chose several automotive manufacturers in India.


  1. In order to have a grasp on the idea behind financial analysis.
  2. Determine the current financial state of the organizations that have been chosen based on the main ratios and characteristics.
  3. To analyze both the firms’ internal and external financial data in order to provide a comparative study of the companies’ performances


The act of studying and analyzing the financial statements of a firm (such as the balance sheet or profit and loss statement), with the goal of getting a knowledge of the company’s current financial health and allowing for more effective decision making as a result. Financial statements are used to record monetary information; however, in order for this data to be of any value to investors, shareholders, managers, or anybody else who may be interested in it, a financial statement analysis must first be performed.

An examination of the viability, stability, and profitability of a company, a sub-business, or a project is what is meant by the term “financial analysis,” which is also referred to as “financial statement analysis,” “accounting analysis,” and “analysis of finance.” In the financial statements of a firm, the economic happenings and activities that have an impact on the organization and that can be quantified in some way are represented in the figures that those statements include.


The growth of an economy is directly correlated to the state of the nation’s transportation infrastructure. There has been an incredible amount of expansion in the nation’s transportation infrastructure, and India is not an exception. The automobile sector of India is likewise expanding at a rapid pace, and it now has an important position on the economic map of India.

Utilizing ratio analysis, descriptive statistics, and regression are the three research methods that will be used to accomplish the aims of the current study, which are to investigate the profitability and financial stability of a selection of vehicle firms in India.

The most important takeaway from the research is that the short-term solvency situation was not enough during the time period covered by the study. As a result, the businesses need to boost the value of their existing assets.

The debt equity ratio and the current assets to shareholders fund ratio both exhibit a shifting tendency hence, businesses have to pay more attention to enhancing their debt, equity, and share holders’ wealth positions in order to combat this trend. To increase their profitability, the enterprises can focus on lowering their cost of production, increasing their investment in fixed assets, and increasing their sales turnover.

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