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A Study on Mutual Funds in India and Evaluating the Performance of Mutual Funds During Covid 19

One of the alternatives for investors to make investments is via the use of mutual funds. They, like any other kind of investment, come with some degree of risk. When making investment selections, investors should evaluate the different instruments in terms of the risks involved and the predicted returns after taking into account the impact of taxes. During the process of making investment selections, investors may seek guidance from a variety of specialists and consultants, including agents and distributors of mutual fund schemes.

The COVID-19 pandemic breakout problem has hit the world economy in a way that no one saw coming. Especially the value of mutual funds and other investment vehicles has been going down. This is bad for the global economy and has caused prices on the stock market to slow down. Mutual funds are a good way for businesses and businesspeople to play a safer part, turn some of their risk into profit, and increase their Net Assets Value (NAV). This paper tries to show how dangerous the situation has been for mutual funds in India during the COVID-19 era.

This model is made to figure out how well both public and private mutual funds are doing. It can also tell what effect COVID-19 has had on mutual funds. Correlation was the method I used to look into the link between COVID-19 and mutual funds. This study is mostly about the factors that affect investors’ decisions during times of economic change. It also looks at the returns made by the best mutual fund companies, making comparisons between the returns made over the last year and the last three months. COVID-19 doesn’t just affect a small number of industries.

Instead, it has an effect on almost every field, including construction, production, business, agriculture, and so on. The COVID-19 disease is having an effect on all of these areas. It is also having an effect on society and the business. Once the economy starts to slow down, the rate of inflation will go up, the value of our currency will go up, and our whole country will be affected.

Keywords: Mutual funds in India, the many kinds of funds available, the influence of COVID-19, the current state of the investor market, as well as the expansion of mutual funds in India.


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